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    I'm not from cali, but this is not limited to people from cali.. What is the average cost for a indica clone usually? And exactly how big would a rooted clone be exactly that one would but from a co-op?
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    in CA i have spent $8-12 on clones. I have heard of clubs selling them for as much as 20.
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    I've seen a wide range of clones. Anything from 2 exposed nodes and sickly to a freaking mini bush with multiple growing tips.

    There are a few guidelines to follow:
    PESTS: A guarantee that the clone is pest and disease free merits higher cost
    ROOT STATUS: A clone with visible roots is worht more than one that is only partially rooted.
    STRAIN: An elite or medically valuable strain, or one that is notoriously difficult to propagate, is worht more.
    HEALTH: Don't pay more than $10 for a clone that you have any questions on its health, or request that you be given extras to guarantee that the number you PAID for actually SURVIVE.
    SIZE: More nodes and more growing tips makes for a more valuable clone
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    Thanks for all this good info. Seems I was looking at price and not much else. Here in South. CA; there is a guy that comes to our monthly meeting, sells starting at $25.00! Way too much and not much to offer. Now, I have ?'s to ask, etc. I have been planing to get one I can handle thru the hot month and then have at it! Not so easy, as this is apparent!

    This INFORMATION IS PRICELESS, you cannot get it in a book! Only here on Can. com!!! Thanks again, ever so much for all this great info. Hopefully, one day, I'll know enough to contribute through my experience!!! ;)
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  6. dillstill

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    cost of clones

    All that sounds reasonable to me. I heard from a friend in Colorado who said that she paid $100 for a shaky "plant" that had served as a mother most recently (I saw a photo of it). Rooted "plants" were $200 but she said they looked fairly healthy. The abused mother plant died. The woman who nursed it is an experienced grower.

    I thought it sounded fishy but now it sounds more so. I posted a while ago on CO med mj board asking for comments on this Colorado Springs dispensary (they call it depository).

    any comments??


    ---still lookin for cc1
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    ICurtisWL: I agree, the prices are outrageous since medical mj!! Same club sells one ounce for $375.00! Needless to say, I am buring the pages of the gro FAQ's and logs in my brain!! I am tired of being ripped off. At least I might get some results from a clone this late in the grow year! :hippy:
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    I am in S. Ca too and just bought three clones at my local club for $10 a piece on special normally $15 each. I will have had them two weeks on Monday and so far so good. I have them in soil in a green house. With the heat we have been having I have had to keep a close watch so they don't dry out.
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    Well rooted, healthy, top quality clones of sought after strains will run from a low of 10 bucks to a high of 20 bucks in my experience buying them in the Van Nuys/Reseda area. Be sure to inspect the roots closely as well as the growth shoots.

    Last time at the coop I paid 15 bucks each for 2 healthy Kushman's Strawberry Cough clones and 2 Grandaddy Purple clones that were completely rooted through and stood about 5 inches tall.

    Hope that helps... :smokin::smokin::smokin:
  10. IanCurtisWishlist

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    I bet you'd be surprised at how many cannabis clubs are actually being ran by organized crime--people with criminal records who sell powders and pills too (and they have the police record to prove it!)

    This was a problem with a cannabis club in central california (Modesto). The DEA shut them down because they were selling medical MJ to people off the street with no valid recommendation. They also had illegal firearms on the premises.

    I am joining your ranks--I am happy to say that I just sampled some dying, yellow fan leaves from my plant and even they smelled like some good chronic--2 hits of dying crappy fan leaves and i got a little head change :) it saved me 5 bucks!
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    Where is the best place to get clones in Socal????? I had a terrible experience at the last dispensary I bought clones from. They wanted $25 a piece, when i'm used to paying $10, and they were terrible. They were retarding from switching light cycles (the guy said they were under 24 hour but when I got there the light was off) and they were severly overwatered to the point they had fungus nats. I was desperate and at least they were well rooted, so I bought them. I cut holes in the cups and got nematodes for the nats and they're flowering under the HPS, looking much better. Anways, i'm looking to get 2 new strains of some FIRE! any suggestions?
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    i like nrc thier clones are decent and they usually have a variety i bought one clone it cost me 18 but it was like a foot tall already

    i also sale my clones for $5 each to the dispensaries like 50 at a time since i have to keep mommas small
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    Thank you.I'm not sure where nrc is? Anyone have a website or phone number? Also, is it not possible to send PMs on site? Thanks for all your help guys.
  14. phatsesh101

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    (323) 871-9500
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    I don't sell clones nor I am sure what the going rate of clones is, but to the people that are complaining about the high prices that are being charged, it seems like you have just become spoiled by an over-abundance of available clones and are not thinking about this realistically. People will easily pay well over $100 for 10 seeds that they have to grow out and hopefully get a good phenotype to select a mother from yet people are complaining about the prices of having rooted proven genetics that can then be cloned endlessly (in other words you can create your own mother and sell your own clones if you choose to do so). It doesn't make much sense to me.
    -canned abyss-
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    I agree. The prices for SEED are completely and utterly outrageous. $300 (or thereabouts) for 10!!! Give a 75% germ rate, and a 50% male ratio, you're looking at about $100 to $150 per seedling and you STILL have to grow it out for however long.

    I'd be MORE than happy to pay top dollar for guaranteed female, well rooted clones, especially for quality genetics. $25 for a healthy, well rooted female clone sounds pretty reasonable to me. Someone took the time and trouble to select and root that clone, trays, peat pellets, lights, etc all cost money to produce those clones. Granted, the cutting itself is a freebie, but the cost of getting that clone to the dispensary isn't free.

    If you were to pay even $50 per clone, and you bought 5, if you can grow at all you'll get around 10 oz. Depending on the prices in your area that's a significant savings over buying your meds in a dispensary or off the streets. Commercial growers can complain about the high prices of clones, but the dispensaries are not there to ensure the success and profitability of commercial grows. Just to take care of med patients.
    So to recap, you pay $250 for 5 clones, wait 8 weeks and get between 8 and 10 oz. Hell, at 5 ounces (1 per plant) you'll save about $1200 over buying. Start up costs (lights, pots, growing supplies etc.) are just the cost of doing this, and really can't be applied in totality to the final cost of the grow.
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    I couldn't edit, so I'll post an addendum.

    C'mon over to MY place. We'll take us a drive and see just how many clones we can go find and buy over the counter. Oh, wait a minute, we don't have to go ANYWHERE to figure THAT one out... NONE!!!

    Here, we're stuck ordering seed online, relying on the largess of others, or it's bagseed.

    Has it REALLY been that long ago since pot was illegal in your state that you don't remember it? If it's legal in your state, count your many blessings that you can even go out and buy a clone of ANY kind.
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    Clones are a 1 time investment.....if you know what you are only need 1 plant of the strain you want and your set:thumbsup:

    It doesnt mateer what you pay for the clone ....what maters is now you have the strains you want... and if you grow right... you will never have to buy anymore clones or weed again

    I bought clones online about a year ago...pre98 bubba kush, purple kush, sour diesel and grand dad purple......I was charged $100 shipped

    If I would have had to drive to Cali to get the clones $150 in gas... get a card another $150 then buy the clones $40...thats $340 its was cheaper for me to buy them online

    $100 investment...... my return

    Sour D plant gave me 8 ozs
    Bubba 6 ozs
    purple 4 ozs
    gdp 5 ozs

    and now I have these strains forever
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    i am from england over here we usually pay 5 gbp per well rooted clones of decent strain but as they are illeagal a lot of people lie about the genetics now i prefer to buy seeds so you know the full background and feed scedule etc
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    phatsesh 1 ft tall thats amazing most places i got have only 6 inchers

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