Cost for a clone?

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    Crazy prices

    Hey everyone! clones here in Oregon range from $7-$14. :thumbsup:

    I have heard of someone trying to sell them for $20+ however most of the time that is comming from a NON-Licensed grower just trying to make some money.:wtf:

    Networking is the very very best way to meet people who ARE cardholders and who are willing to help others. There are places in Portland that give you a free clone when you join and I have met TONS of local people online at who are willing to share and trade clones to other cardholders. (Its kinda like facebook for hipps)

    Anyways Good luck!:hippy:

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    Colorado dispensarys are gouging for clones at $25+! My buddy and I went on a clone finding mission the other day and found some great genetics but had to pay for them!

    All you need is one though and if it's good you are set!
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    Price of Clones.


    On Maui clones cost $20 each. If you buy 10 they are $15 each. There are just a couple of people here that make them for sale.

    Once aquired a clone is like a key. A small clone, with a little time can turn into a mother and can produce 10 clones every other week. Friends of mine have the same strain growing for many years, and they exclusively grow clones. But they are not for sale. They take the clones into the sugar cane fields to drop them and forget about them until harvest. They only go into the fields twice. A plant from seed will need four trips minimum to be checked, and it only takes one fag or male to ruin your patch. No such problems with clones.

    There are people here that will not sell their clones. They will give you the clones but want 1/4 of your crop. They want to keep their finger in your pie.

    My problem with clones is that no matter how good it is all the same. Even if it is the best you have ever smoked it is all the same. After a couple of months it will still taste the same. Variety is the spice of life and with clones variety is non existant.
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    Here in Oakland and Berkeley. $7-15 :greenthumb:
  5. redtails

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    I made 6 clones right in front of a guy, showing how to do it himself, and told him he could smoke me out after harvest if he wanted to thank me...But I guess some people need to make a buck no matter what. I figure cloning info on the net is free so why not in real life? That being said I don't think $20 is bad at all, about the same as the price of a decent femmed seed, but the person that paid $100 for a sick clone got screwed royally...
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    wow...My advice...Get seeds and clones in the beginning. Then you got everything you need to make your own strains. Experiment...get the best stuff possible. I am always willing to pay $11-15 for a good clone from a reputable supplier...Any more than that is robbery.:wtf:
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  7. RockyMtnDezL

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    Im in South CO, 6 for 75, 15-20$ for clones from some guys, most I paid was 40 for a pure Hawaiian strain, and it was fuzzy and only 10 inches tall! Most good cloners have them in soil or rockwool being a caregiver, I am always on the hunt! Denver has a awesome market for clones, if its in the DAM, you can find it in the D!
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    hey guys whas happenin....i got a drug test....any one got any clues as to what to do??
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    Hope you guys don't mind me reviving an old thread, I tend to search vs posting usually.

    I'm looking to start my own grow, and found a guy locally who offered me some clones. I had inquired to a CL ad for Tent and MH/HPS lighting... I have a pretty good feeling about the guy.

    I'm not in a legal state and was wondering what clones of popular strains are going for nowadays. Also, other than the rooting mentioned what are the things to ask/look at when acquiring? I will be asking for Feminized.

    Appreciate the feedback..
  10. iGanja

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    If someone ever gave you clones that weren't feminized you should slap them in the face with the male plant lol
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  11. Clutch

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    My partner and I run a Propagation service, clone delivery for the Denver Colorado metro area- we have observed what the dispensaries and clone bars are selling them for and priced ours significantly less. Right now in Denver you can expect to pay $15-25 for some clones, with restrictions on how many you can buy and usually only for patients. With Clutch Solutions, we sell them on a sliding scale based upon volume- 15/each for 6-10, 13/each for 11-21, 10/each for 30+, and each person can purchase up to 99.

    If any Colorado citizens are reading this, feel free to check our website at for more information, pictures and contact information!

    And some information for those of you seeking clones- always bring at least a 30X loupe style magnifying glass and a flashlight with you to examine the clones THROUGHLY before purchasing. NEVER let yourself feel rushed to take some cuttings without the opportunity to thoroughly inspect them. Even if all looks well, treat your clones with Safers 100% Organic 3in1 at half strength, allow to dry for an hour, then spray the plant again but with ph 9 water this time. Be sure not to let too much drip into the root zone, but otherwise the high ph water will discourage the formation of mold on the leaf surface. If possible, always have a space quarantined for bringing new cuts into the garden- watching them grow here for a week before introduction into your main facility will help ensure they are pest free.
    I agree with martyrprojekt- buy some high quality clones AND seeds at the same time to start out- this will allow you to get right to work flowering our a crop without waiting the minimum of 3 months needed to start flowering a plant from seed and the additional two months after that needed to flower each phenotype and pick a Mother Plant! Also, use pollen from the males in your seed pack to start breeding your own strains!
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    a minimum of three months flowering? :wtf:
  13. tlranger

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    Must be a big growing area. Five months, be like outdoors.
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    here in cali valley $6-10 Craigslist clubs $10-20
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    Three months before you can start flowering from seed. When starting from seed, the plant needs to be growing for a few months before flowering so that the genetics are mature enough to flower properly. After that, it will take the usual 8 weeks or so to finish flowering them- and of course at least another couple weeks after that before you can smoke some even minimally cured product. I believe it was Cervantes's Bible that I picked this up from- and even though its tough space-wise to keep a bunch of from-seed veg plants for a few months before throwing cuts into bloom to test the pheno's, thats what I've always done. I would love to be wrong about this- anyone have any input?
  16. Cannabis 24/7 365

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    it really depends on the strain. Usually a well rooted 'cup' clone will go for $6-12 but it is not unusual to fork out big bucks for really good genetics. I have seen a single UK Cheese clone go for $2000 and the grower had to promise not to distribute clones or spread the guarded genetics.
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