Could someone quickly walk me through the rules of weed in Amsterdam?

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by pettern, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Me and some of my friends are visiting Amsterdam this summer and just curious about the actual rules for carrying and smoking weed in the city/country. I've tried to research, but it is hard to find facts as there are a lot of different answers to the same question, so knowing which is right and wrong is not too easy. Here are some of the key questions I'd like answered:

    1) Is it illegal to smoke, carry or buy weed in Amsterdam?

    2) If yes on any of the above, what happens if you get caught? (jail, fine, removal of the weed etc.)

    3) Is it true they stopped selling weed in coffee shops to turists? I heard it got out of hand and they made it illegal to sell to people who are not Dutch citizents.

    4) How much is weed in 'Dam during summer times (early july)?

    5) Where is it best to buy weed? (market, coffee shops, other places.)

    Thanks in advance for all replies.
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    Here it is basically:

    1) You can smoke outdoors and in coffee shops, carry, and buy up to 5 grams without any problem

    2) Stick to the rules...

    3) Not yet as far as I know. I heard something about that, but it is not in effect yet, doubt it ever will be

    4) Anywhere from 5-40€ per gram (5 for outdoor weed, 40 for isolator hash). But for just decent bud, expect to pay from 7-13€ per gram for decent to really good shit

    5) They got another thread on here about the best coffeeshops in amsterdam. barney's and greenhouse i liked because of the selection, but they are a little pricey.

    There are some coffee shops that are better than others, but in my experience you gotta get lucky sometimes. They go through so much fucking weed over there that in the morning you go get some really dank g-13 x haze, and later its just like any other normal strain. I'd say shop around, ask to see the bud, ask what's good at the moment.

    Oh yea, reserve a place to stay in advance, cuz if its busy you might not have a place to sleep!

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