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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by stempius, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. stempius

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    25 yrs old

    135 lbs.

    Daily Smoker 3-4 times a day for about a year now

    Covert Labs "Strip" NC Natural Cleanser 32 oz.

    Smoked monday night.....test on wednesday...1pm

    Daily smoker...gettin piss tested...I smoke 3-4 times daily and have been for months interviewed by 4 people, did completely awesome, right before I goto leave, they tell me to goto have a urine test...I told her I had children at home that I would have to schedule tommorrow at 1 pm....I drank like 6 bottles of water so far today and I went to the store and bought 50$ bottle of shit made by Covert Labs called "Strip" a natural cleanser/ cross your fingers...I have some quick flush pills...I took 4 tonight and I will take 8 tommorrow, then drink that huge bottle of probably nasty I will be up at 8 am tommorrow drinking water, takin pills and drinkin 32 oz Strip. I thought they really needed a thread about if this stuff works or I will keep you posted and hopefully someone will benefit from this...
  2. FakeBoobsRule

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    I have never been a big fan of Strip NC. I have seen people fail and people pass using it, king of hit or miss. It is basically 16 grams of fiber, a vegetable laxative, Vitamin B-2 and Vitamin C, sugar, and creatine. The creatine is an absolute waste to take 4 hours before a test because it takes your body 24-72 hours to metabolize creatine to creatinine. Some tests will measure creatinine clearance to test for dilution so taking it 4 hours before the test will not help. Soluble fiber can be helpful and some say certain sugars are helpful because it will slow fat metabolism and those slow the release of THC metabolites but it isn't going to completely stop THC metabolism and I don't even know that it does stop it at all. If it is a lab test the vitamin B-2 isn't going to help because your urine could look like bottled water and still pass. I would have rather bought a bottle of Metamucil and some multivitamins for a fraction of the price.

    If you can't get a clean donor and sub, read about dilution quick. What is your height?
  3. biker6403

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    If u follow this forum on a regular basis your ? would have been answered already.
  4. stempius

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    about 5'4" and 135lbs....I bought it from a novely store and they said that they get a lot of repeat hopefully...I will have some luck...I had to get something that worked within 24 hours...and I have been drinking tons of water since yesterday
  5. FakeBoobsRule

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    Here is one person who failed using Strip NC

    Here is someone who passed

    Another failure.
    Strip NC is anything but a 100% success rate. It may also have something to do with people drinking a lot with it.

    You should switch to a sports drink instead of water BTW. You should be measuring your fluid intake to avoid a dilute sample. You should have started with around 64 ounces and every time you void, replace what you void.
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  6. xovertheriverx

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    I certainly wouldn't recommend it. The fact that I quit for well over 28 days and still failed was frustrating as hell. I followed instructions perfectly with no results. I'm also not overweight/fat, so it just depends on the person.
  7. stempius

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    ok...I suspect I failed the test because I took the one before I left...a little early so I'm hoping that it was a fluke or something but is there anything that will throw a test off....they sent it to a lab....but they did not ask me if I took any medication or on anything before I took it....I heard asprin will throw a test there any excuse now?????? dammit....I really needed that job...
  8. 06dvx

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    i told my employer that it was second hand smoke contamination. they gave me second chance and i used the substitution method and passed.substitution is the only way imo
  9. swifty02062

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    Ive been drinking around a gallon of water a day for like three days, and i grabbed a bottle of the strip nc. my test is tomarrow. do you think im drinking to much water or should i drink more? and when do you think i should take the Strip Nc drink? it says that it starts working around 30 minutes! this is the first time ive had to take a drug test so im really worried. i stopped smoking last wed, and i was a heavier smoker (average 1-3 times a day). Is there any other suggestions? i really need this job! thanks for the help:confused:
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  10. xovertheriverx

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    They will not ask you any questions about medication at the lab. I take a medication legally that fails a drug test. When they called me (assuming to tell me I failed the test) they first asked me if I took any medication. I told them, then they just needed proof that it was my medication.

    As for the 2nd hand smoke thing, if you're job bought they, they aren't very bright.


    Drinking that much water that early before the test does no good. Just make sure to read the directions and hope for the best. It failed me, but maybe you'll have better luck.
  11. swifty02062

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    Im going to try taking the drink 2 hours before i go to my drug test. do you think that it will work? i sure hope so
  12. stempius

    stempius Registered

    hell yea

    took my test wednesday....They call me monday afternoon for a second interview....So, I am assuming that I passed the test....they said nothing about it, so hopefully, I am off to start my new luck, I will pass the drug screen and not get hired....just hope for the best :dance:
  13. stempius

    stempius Registered

    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!! :stoned:
  14. unluck1

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    It has been 3 1/2 days since I smoked last. I have a pre employment physical today at 10am. I am going to take the drink at 8am. I hope I pass this test I really need this job. I have used synthetic urine (quick fix) and that has worked everytime with flyin colors but I have to take a physical and blood screen to this time and I wont be able to hide it I dont think so I hope this works. I will post with my results.:beatdeadhorse:
  15. unluck1

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    I passed. I was able to use the synthetic urine but took the drink as a back up I had to use half and half he wanted half a cup and that synthetic urine only has like 2oz in it so I was able to do both... I am a heavy smoker meaning everyday and at least 3 bowls a day not that heavy I guess considering some people but still. I recoment synthetic urine for lab tests and regular urine screens. I had a whole bunch of lab work done today,blood ears eyes everthing so happy I really needed this job.:Rasta:
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  16. Jessehastings

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    Strip has always worked for me

    I've used strip on two occasions before. Once to get a job, then again 7 months later for an injury/ mandatory drug test. Ann hour and a half before I was tested for the pre employment screening, I drank strip 6.5 ounce bottle. I drank 64 oz of water and urinated 3 times to flush the system. I was worried about having clear urine, so I drank a rockstar for the vitamin b-12. That made my urine orangeis yellow. I passed.
    Second time was during my one hour lunch period. I ran home, drank the strip with 64 oz of water, and passed my drug test an hour later.
    Im about to go do it again. I think it's reliably.
  17. Burnt Toast

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    So youre assuming the "Strip" magic potion was the reason? :rolleyes:

    What makes you think the 64 oz of water wasnt responsible?

    Youve passed both times because youve managed to dilute the THCA in your bladder enough for the urine sample to register below the cutoff thresholds of the drug screen. You wouldve accomplished the same thing just on the water and vitamin loading alone and without the overpriced magic potions to go with it.
    BTW, the proper vitamin to use for urine color is B2 and not B12.

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