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    Hey trichome, first time on this site....I Want to learn how to GROW MY on BUD. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID. I BEEN SMOKING FOR YEARS....GREW UP IN DETROIT SMOKING THE RED BUDS...APGOLD, COLUMBIAN, and the stick STRAINS. AND MICHIGAN MUD! Been living in Cali since 87. Modern day strains are nice. I just don't want chemical bud..the best way to know is grow my favorite cali/ or strains that I have smoked since living hear in order are: ken's Grandaddy Purp Wow! Girl scout cookies the grapes, jolly rancher,God's gift, some of the kushes. The different purple strains. Hardball strains. I'm trying to get my hands on some Old school red bud seeds, and t-stick seeds..for sure. I'm smoking some clean old school Ap Gold as I write to tell you that I will be following many of your guidlines. Thanks, and KEEP SMOKING CLEAN SO YOU CAN SOME DAY BE AN e9ee0916d7c5cd2ff9491e4141b7c41d.jpg
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    Hi OG Budhead,
    I have been a successful organic horticulturalists since 2010. I also have done a fair amount of research on organics and their analysis. The strain I like to grow is the 413 Chem. During autumn, I like to gather as many leaves as I can (particularly from oaks) from my backyard or woods and I mulch them into fine pieces so they can break down quicker. A Fence works fine to keep them from blowing around and a tarp is a good idea too to help keep in moisture. I occasionally sprinkle some well water on the leaves when they start to get to dry. Be aware that city tap water does contain chlorine and is not beneficial to fungi or microbes! I like to apply one hand full of oyster shell flour & one cup blood meal to 2 cu ft shredded leaves for added Cal-Mag. During early spring in 8 cu ft holes I mix together cow manure (2) 5 gal buckets and leaf mold (3) 5 gal buckets with my topsoil to make a super soil. It's a good idea to add your manure (March/April) 3 to 4 months before you plant so you don't risk burning your plants later. The excessive moisture in the ground from the winter should distribute the nitrogen from the manure (if hot) evenly into the soil before before it's time to plant. Keep in mind that 3 true 5 gal buckets equals 2 cu ft by volume. Now for foliar spray I like to use lily of the desert aloe vera juice inner fillet preservative free organic & advanced nutrients B-52 fertilizer booster. One reason I like aloe vera gel for foliar spray is because it helps everything adhere to the leaves faster and not run off. For a root drench I like to use BioAg Ful-Power all throughout veg/ flower up until last 1 1/2 week of flowering. I have heard Coconut water is good to use but I have never experimented with it, yet! In my experience microbial teas are NOT necessary for MJ. The worms can eat horse/cow manure and convert it into nutrient rich worm castings and worm tea which are an excellent soil conditioners and organic fertilizers. Leaves that have been directly laying on the ground for over a year produce bacteria and fungi that work together in decomposing organic material and making the nutrients plant available. If you're interested in greenhouses a caterpillar polytunnel is a really good option. With a greenhouse, you can get started earlier in spring and garden longer in the fall. Here are a some references I found:
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