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    Hey trichome, first time on this site....I Want to learn how to GROW MY on BUD. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID. I BEEN SMOKING FOR YEARS....GREW UP IN DETROIT SMOKING THE RED BUDS...APGOLD, COLUMBIAN, and the stick STRAINS. AND MICHIGAN MUD! Been living in Cali since 87. Modern day strains are nice. I just don't want chemical bud..the best way to know is grow my favorite cali/ or strains that I have smoked since living hear in order are: ken's Grandaddy Purp Wow! Girl scout cookies the grapes, jolly rancher,God's gift, some of the kushes. The different purple strains. Hardball strains. I'm trying to get my hands on some Old school red bud seeds, and t-stick seeds..for sure. I'm smoking some clean old school Ap Gold as I write to tell you that I will be following many of your guidlines. Thanks, and KEEP SMOKING CLEAN SO YOU CAN SOME DAY BE AN e9ee0916d7c5cd2ff9491e4141b7c41d.jpg
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