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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by fatweedsack, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. fatweedsack

    fatweedsack Registered+

    The title is self explanatory. My glass bong cracked without me noticing somehow and it is not completly destroyed yet because there has been water in it for who knows how long and there was no leakage. The crack does go below the water line quit often and i was just wondering what the best method to seal this crack up for now would be. I dont feel like buying another bong yet so i just need this one to last as long as it can. I was thinking ductape but i dont know how well that would work. Superglue maybe? just to seal it. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks. Peace
  2. Samwhore

    Samwhore Registered+

    Use chaulking.
  3. smokeblunts3

    smokeblunts3 Registered+

    ductape solves all problems:jointsmile: or atleast thats what i would do
  4. Bond

    Bond Registered+

    Got to it before me.

    EDIT: WOW justt thought of something great to use!!!
    SHOEGLUE.. yanatamean. I got couple tubes i use on my skate shoes
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  5. Samwhore

    Samwhore Registered+

    Didn't think a teenage girl would know what chaulking is huh?;) I heard shoe glue stinks.
  6. Bond

    Bond Registered+

    ah dam never thought about that tho. Yes it does stink. to the point where you may not want to smell it to long. Kinda like smelling gas isn't good for you.. etc.
  7. MuddinPede

    MuddinPede Registered+

    Ya mean ShoeGoo. I use it on all my homeade pieces. It seals everything perdectly.
  8. Bond

    Bond Registered+

    yea man, different company's or w/e have there copy names.. the good shit would probably be shoegoo, the noname copy crap would be shoe glue, which i got, yellow tube.. not white with red letters

    Anyways, back on topic.. this homie has proof that it works great:thumbsup: :Rasta:
  9. dunney508

    dunney508 Registered+

    any strong glue
  10. mattks1

    mattks1 Registered+

    just go to your local auto store or walmart and get windshield sealant or any type of clear sealant. dab it on there and wipe it clean. leave it a couple hours and your good to go.
  11. Gunner420

    Gunner420 Registered+

    if u dont feel like getting supplies, just use gum

    i use gum to seal homemade pieces all the time
  12. yup....

    if you ain't done nothing to it yet, go to walmart in the auto section and get 'windshield repair kit'... the one i bought was about 8 bucks... can't glue broken peices back together... but for cracks.. that shit works wonders.. if you do it right, and can still see the crack, i'll honestly be suprised.... i tried to use it to put a bong back together (it was in peices) and even then, it DAMN NEAR made the cracks invisible.... (dunno what's in the shit, but it just works wonders lol)

    do that tho.... it'll take care of the crack both visually and strength wise (windshields are some fo the most scrutinized glass aroudn when it comes to structure, so if it can be used for that, it should be even better for a bong..
  13. fatweedsack

    fatweedsack Registered+

    yeah ive got some superglue i was thinkin of using. used it on my slide which had the stem busted off and it broke after a few hits.
  14. Ramen_General

    Ramen_General Registered

    i like caulk
  15. ok lemme rephrase, if you give a damn at all about appearance, get a windsheild repair kit.... otherwise, duct tape works, so does super glue..
  16. ipodguy

    ipodguy Registered+

    ive used hot glue
  17. PabloEscobar1904

    PabloEscobar1904 Registered

    my bing just got a crack on the bottom bubble about 5 or 6 inches long, i read up on the windshield repair and it sounded like it was just for chips in the glass not cracks. So will the adhesive or glue fill a whole crack as big as mine?
  18. Yah dumb nug!

    Yah dumb nug! Registered+

    I dont know about duct tape man.....cuz last night my friend bumped the side of my glass bong on a table and a big chunk of glass broke off and we tried to cover the hole with duct tape and it leaked like crazy....:(

    O well....P.O.S bong anyway:(
  19. v0Lume

    v0Lume Registered+

    go to you local hardware store and pick up some two part epoxy, its clear and it bonds basically anything PLUS you could even sand it down so it looks like the bong was never broken
  20. eevus

    eevus Registered+

    do NOT use super glue,it has trace amounts of cyanide,but a windshield repair kit or hot glue would work

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