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    Is it legal to trade or donations on craigslist. I was lookin at craigs and saw the ads for selling trading and taking donations. Is that legal? Like could a card holder dontate to another card holder. Or say i grow mine can a card holder donate to me
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    I am by no means any sort of legal counsel, but I feel it prudent to share what I have observed happening here.

    You are not allowed to buy or sell mj, but you are allowed to provide it for free and request a donation for your efforts and overhead. Hence all the crazy verbage, people selling rocks that come with free weed, and countless other "loopholes".

    As far as between cardholders, all is fair game, provided you don't exceed the 2 oz limit. My advice is stay away from anything or anyone claiming an extended plant count. There is no formal recognition of "extended" counts by the state. They will however allow a physician to testify on your behalf to state your case on why you needed more.

    The irony of the medical card is that Colorado isn't prosecuting any adult over 21 in possession of an ounce or less, and any resident of the state is allowed to grow 6 plants. The same threshold that was created for medical use.

    So, is it legal? Depending on how you go about it, yes.

    Is it being vastly abused? Without a doubt.

    Have heard many stories of setups on CL. Not necessarily with LEO either. I'm talking about unscrupulous individuals taking others hard work by force.

    Be careful out there, hope this at least helped a little.

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    For recreational, norml lists this info :

    Transfer of one ounce or less for no remuneration by persons 21 years of age or older is no penalty.
    Amendment 64: The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act of 2012 | Yes on Amendment 64: The Colorado Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

    For card holders, the only thing I'm sure of is, you can not take medical stuff you got at a store and give it to someone else. Giving someone bud you grew yourself would be legal only if you receive nothing in return. Not sure how this applies to regestered caregivers and their patients, I assume remuneration is legal in that case.

    As far as Craigslist and "donations" it is very legally "grey" at this time but defiantly outside the laws set in place for recreational sales.

    Best bet, if you need medicine, get a rec. If you must get from craigslist, be very cautious, you should be more worried about getting hurt or robbed or worse. Legally the the person providing the cannabis and receiving the donation is more actionable than the person making the donation.

    And if your just looking to sell your stuff, stop it, there is enough bad/overpriced stuff on craigslist as it is, if your that good of a grower, get hooked up with a dispensary.

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