Cranberry juice. Does it really cleanse your system of THC?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by gnarshred57, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. gnarshred57

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    my friends are all really stupid in general. one of them said we should go smoke some weed and bring a ton of cranberry juice. and when i asked why cranberry juice he said so it rids your system of thc. so we smoked he drank a carton of cranberry juice and had a drug test 2 days later, he passed. luck? myth? or fact?
  2. thcbongman

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    Cranberry juice is a diuretic which aids in flushing out excess fluid retention.

    To answer whether true or false because that wasn't clear, it only temporarily masks traces of THC in the test. So true to an extent.
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  3. gnarshred57

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    oooh. i see. just curious, i have no drug test to pass but am shoked haha.
  4. rebgirl420

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    Yeah I'm saying thats a load of shit.

    Cranberry juice will make you pee, thats it. And since THC is stored in fat cells I doubt thats going to work.
  5. birdgirl73

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    The answer is no. No it doesn't cleanse your system of THC. You friends have been the victims of drug-testing folklore. Cranberry juice is not even a diuretic. It's just an acidic juice that acidifies urine and thus is mildly helpful in fighting bacterial urinary tract infections.

    The fact that your friend passed his drug test was either a lucky coincidence (it takes a while for the cannabis metabolites to get to detectable levels) or else he'd simply not used enough that he tested positive at that time.

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