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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Rarrr, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Rarrr

    Rarrr Registered+

    Iv heard some pretty crazy drug stories in my short time with drugs and am curious to here others so post all ur crazy drug stories whether its urs or some1 elses experience. I heard an experience from a good friend that once had a snowcone laced with H and he started seeing people without heads and went into the bathroom and found he had no head and then started convulsing and shit. Hes alright now. Any more crazy drug stories???
  2. whaddaphuck

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    fukking hell! id love to trip like that!..but not the convultions bit..fukk did he find out he had no head? i mean, he couldnt exactly look in the mirror, having no head n'all :confused: :D
  3. Isaiah The Prophet

    Isaiah The Prophet Registered

    ok if drugs he takes does that why would u want to take those shit SMOKE WEED ONLY
  4. Rarrr

    Rarrr Registered+

    im not saying its right im just telling of his experience. and btw thats the one and only time he has taken H. Any crazy stories or will ppl point out the obvious some more by saying H is bad.
    lol yeah good point
  5. Hektik

    Hektik Registered+

    One time me and like 6 other people dropped mad acid, we were fryin hella good and we were all playin with my homies Pitbull, and after awhile it goes nuts and starts spinnin after its tail, finaly it gets it and bites it completely off. We were all like starrin the whole time like whoa. Good times.
  6. hoodedclum

    hoodedclum Registered+

    Me and some mates went to one nation at brixton academy in London last year, we all had some eccies each and had done a few before we got in, anyway we all go patted down on the way in and just went on in, it was a really messy night i cant remember much execpt going around shaking everyones hand and dancing like a prick lol anyway i went of to the toliets to pop another so i go into a cubicle and eat one, when i open the door theres this huge black guy standing there staring at me, he says empty your pockets ( he was a bouncer ) and at this point im shitting it, so he finds my e's and im thinking fuck im busted, he takes half of what i had left and smilied and said enojy your night! Im like WTF!! so off i go and carry on dancing

    mad eh ?
  7. Rarrr

    Rarrr Registered+

    he took half ur E, lucky he didnt bust u or take the whole thing, i bet thats the reason he was there to bust ppl with drugs so he could "confiscate" them. I use to keep my stuff in my wallet until an unfortunate incident at mcdonalds where i dropped an eighth on the ground for half of the customers to see.... thats why all drugs go in my socks now hehe
  8. maryjanemama

    maryjanemama Registered+

    My crazy friend Mandy once took her own meds (she's on too many to list) and then took her brother's scripts, too. She thought she saw her brother walking around the house like he'd just come out of his grave...she thought he was a zombie. She looked at her husband and saw his head hanging off the side of his shoulder like it had been chopped half off. You know how when you dial your own number you get a busy signal? And then when you hang up, your phone rings? Well, she kept doing this and telling her husband that someone was calling her and threatening her. Then she snuck down to her car and scribbled a threatening note (to herself :rolleyes: ) and told him someone was coming onto their property and leaving threats on her windshield.

    This went on for a day...the next day was Thanksgiving Day. They drove all the way to New Jersey to visit her husband's family. She sits down at the dinner table and immediatley starts freaking out. She saw zombies and the walls collapsing. Needless to say, they took her to the ER where her stomach was pumped and she had to stay overnight. From there she was transported to a detox facility locally.

    Don't take someone else's medication. (Duh, I know, but just in case some little kid here is thinking about it. My friend was 25 when she did it, so there you go.)
    I have 2 of my own crazy acid trips, but I don't have time to type them out right now. I will later.
  9. hoodedclum

    hoodedclum Registered+

    Maryjanemama that sounds like a scary experience, hope your m8s ok now.
  10. maryjanemama

    maryjanemama Registered+

    She's off all drugs now, she completely fucked herself up, though. She has done permanent damage, her hands shake, she still sees trails. She cannot drink caffeine without getting tremors. It was pretty retarded to steal her bro's meds in the first place, especially since she was already on so many of her own to begin with.
  11. juggalo420

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    i was recently tripping at the mall and just sat on a bench staring at the ceiling for like an hour or two, not that weird to me but people thought i was insane.
  12. Darkneon420

    Darkneon420 Registered+

    ...I dont have crazy high storys like yall do :(

    :D Two chrismases ago my sister and I were smoking in a wheat field and as we were walking back to our Hotel there were cops 10 feet away from us. When we reached them I busted put laughing and fell on the floor. My sister Whispered "Get up, get up I have weed on me" so I I said "What, what you have what on you?" and she picked me upa nd we ran so fucking fast.

    Thats as crazy as i get.
  13. Rarrr

    Rarrr Registered+

    Yeah acids fuckin great! Last year i went to the Yoji Biomehanica concert (he some very well known dj, meant to be one of the best in the world) got really drunk, dropped the acid, and went to a friends house and had several bowls(one of my friends did the same combination), as soon as we left my friends its a complete visual mental blank until we got to the yoji concert which was about an hour away (we figured this from te walk home). All I can really remember is people saying how fucked me and my friend looked and there were a few of them. But the night was good, tripped a fuckload and the funniest part of it was we forgot where the exit was to the concert bcos we were so fucked on entry and had a fair bit of trouble finding our way home. Iv found that if you mix acid with anything you get really fucken wasted.

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