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    Hi, I didn't know whther to post this in the sex section or the health section, but since it has to do with a medical issue I choose this one.

    I am a serious and rather embarassing question concerning marijuana and sex. See, I have really bad sexual dysfunction, like so bad I can't even have sex, and I'm a really young guy, just like in my twenties, so I know my age isn't a problem. My doctor recently told me to stop smoking because he thinks that might be a source of the problem. Now I've been smoking like daily for a couple years, and off and on for five or so, and I don't know if I buy that it is the cause of my sexual woes. I took SSRI anti-depressants for like four years, and those are known to cause really bad sexual dysfunction, it's just that usually stops when you stop take the medication. After four years on them my sexual problems got me so depressed anyway, that I quit them. I've been off them for eight months now, and I'm a tiny bit better then when I took them, but I'm still like sexually destroyed. Now there are people who say that their sexual dysfunction after using SSRIs didnt go away like it is "supposed" to either, and that it can stay around for a long time after you stop taking the meds, but my doctor still has convinced part of me my problems may be from smoking. I mean, they began after I started using SSRIs, but I guess it could have come about from smoking weed...maybe.. So, like in all seriousness, I just wanted to ask if anyone has ever heard of/or had chronic marijuana use cause them major sexual dysfunction. Not like minore libedo problems or anything, but full on destruction of the sexual system and sexual feeling. We're talking major SD, like ED, no libido, pleasureless orgasim, no sexual feelings, no visual arousal, premature e, ect. Oh and I know pot didnt lower my testosterone because its really high. I totally stopped smoking for three weeks (except for one day) when I had been smoking like everyday and there was no change in my problems, and I think if smoking was causing them, then going from smoking everyday to not smoking except for one occasion for three weeks would bring up some result. So do you think I can rule marijuana smoking as a cause of my problem? I really wasnt to go back to smoking everyday, but part of me feels like it's ruined because I will always partially think it is the source of my problems and I'm only making things worst. So, has anyone ever had long term pot smoking totally destroy their sexual functioning before lol? If nobody has ever heard of weed doing that or had it happen to them, then maybe it's all bull and I can smoke guilt free

    Thank you.
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    I stopped smoking tobacco and my morning glory came back.
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    Smoking habits are slow down the organs function, it will also give more bad effects to the body. So many young men are losing their happy nights with their partner due to smoking habits. It supports to encourage the Erectile Dysfunction(ED) problem and other health issues. Avoiding smoking habits will provide so many health benefits and it also supports enjoying the relationship hours with a partner, without facing any disturbances. Few men are following the medical treatment(Kamagra, Super p force, Tadalis, Silagra and Etc...) to cure the ED problem
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    KISS principle says you have identified the problem, but are confused by what your doc is telling you. What incentive would he have to tell you that the drugs he had you on are what is causing your trouble? You can't prove it either way, so he has absolutely nothing compelling him to admit possible fault, and naturally he is going to label as an alternative cause, your smoking.
    Everyone is different and maybe it is as he says... but if chronic pot smoking caused such a downside as ED, do you really think it would be a popular recreational drug? My father is 60, and he has several varieties that he likes me to grow that he claims get him "in the mood." I know there are a couple of them that do that for me too.
    But no... do as you will. If you are comfortable following the directions of medical science, where every drug has a side effect and every side effect has yet another drug, then believe... and stop smoking pot. After hearing your story, my advice is to stay off of the nasty pharmaceuticals, learn to meditate to calm down and find your center, and be patient. Let those drugs exit your system. Maybe try a good cleansing routine and some exercise to help that along. Your increased focus and vigor will probably attract someone who likes to play. Relax... it will happen when it is time. :)
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    A direct answer? I have not had, and have not heard, about cannabis use as a cause of the symptoms you describe. With that, I have to ask just how heavily do you indulge.
    In your shoes, I'd stop any medication, including Cannabis for at least 6 months.
    Then go back to smoking weed either way. :)

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