Creative Diagnosis in Medical States?

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    I have no idea how this stuff works. I am looking to the community to help me understand.

    The question I have is, in medical states that have strict lists of qualifying conditions, are there usually doctors that will give less strict diagnosis for qualifying conditions? If so how would I go about finding such a doctor?

    I'm not even sure this is unethical, or at the very least not unusual. I've had my own PCP give me a different diagnosis than what she thought was really going on so that insurance would pay for a prescription.

    I live with depression, anxiety, IBS, non-debilitating back pain, worsening but not severe arthritis, and daily migraines. The depression, anxiety, and migraines are more or less under control but require me to take a cocktail of 6 different medications four times a day. The side effects include insomnia, day sleeping, crazy-assed nightmares that melt my brains, massive weight gain, mood swings, and stuttering that can become permanent. The rest of it I just live with because I'm afraid to add even more meds to the cocktail. But the arthritis is starting to interfere with my career which involves a ton of typing.

    I would like to explore what Marijuana has to offer me. But I live in Arkansas, and under our Medical Marijuana amendment none of these are qualifying conditions. Back pain and arthritis have to be so severe that you qualify for a referral to a pain management specialist. And with the recent opioid issues in the state that has become extremely difficult.

    Anyway, I'm just very new to all of this - especially the medical side - and am looking for some guidance from those with experience.

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