critical kush in dwc from dinafem

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by shelton abbey, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Wagonweed

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    Can you put some cfls or other lighting around them just to keep them from stressing?
  2. shelton abbey

    shelton abbey Registered+
    yes mate thats wat i did and certainly made the generator a lot less noisy and used less fuel therefor lasted the 12 hours ,i was suprised at how much the 400 watts were drawing from it ,hope for the power to be restored later tonight ,,i also added some straight water just enough to cover the airstones as its all i had lying about ,,
    not ideal but hopefully the power will be imminent :thumbsup:
  3. TLD420

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    I hope things got squared away quickly and your power was restored.
    Here's to hoping all is well with you and your grow.
    How are the plants?
  4. shelton abbey

    shelton abbey Registered+

    thanks mate,,,,after being without power i had spotted a small bit of bud rot,,snipped that bit off but seen them tonight and a few plant tops seem to have gone brown and easy to come apart "lifeless" :( ,,so some spours had travelled i reckon,,,,so im gonna take them all down tomorrow ,nervous about drying the damaged ones with the remaining good ones though ,
    ill be glad to get this grow squared away and give the room a good cleaning and start a new lot :rolleyes:
  5. shelton abbey

    shelton abbey Registered+

    well a slow manicuring process it was but salvaged what i could ,,praying that the drying process doesnt exasperate the bud rot problem ,,i cut out all the bad bits and cleaned down the room ,some very nice tops had to go in the trash pile though,:mad:,i know its very bad to smoke bud rot weed but im wondering is it possible to use it for butter or oil or am i crazy to give it the time of day, or am i best getting it in a sealed plastic bag and away asap ?
  6. Wagonweed

    Wagonweed Registered+

    Damn thats a shame you had to trash some.
    All the girls were looking nice!
    Hopefully no more rot and hurricanes.

    If you had to make an extract it would be ISO. Only thing that would kill the mold but even then how would ya know for sure it's safe for any non junkies like us to consume lol.
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  7. AndyNoob1234

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    Sorry to read about your bud-rot issue, Shelton Abbbey. The girls were looking great :(
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  8. Wagonweed

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    How did the drying go?
  9. shelton abbey

    shelton abbey Registered+

    aw man ya lost quite a bit tbh ,,,, came in at 580 grams , worst yeild so far id say ,but onwards and upwards,,next up is critical 2.o
    hope everyones grows are healthy and safe :thumbsup:

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