Critical plus day 45 of flowering.

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by bobjob4u, Nov 26, 2011.

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    016.jpg 011.jpg This is a critical plus at day 45. It is in a 2.5x2.5 wide 3 foot tall grow box.It was placed at a angle so it would fit.Flowered using 1 100wattmh, 1 70 hps, and 3 65 watt(300 watt equivalent) 2700k cfl's.It was a freebie from attitude.We mostly do autoflower but with an empty autoflower box we thought we would fill the space. 018.jpg
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  2. bobjob4u

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    critical plus day 45 flowering

    013.jpg 012.jpg 015.jpg

    A few more shots.
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    Trichromes are mostly cloudy, a few clear . A few amber. Hoping to harvest next weekend! Then going to fill space with 6 royal queen critical auto's. Sweet seeds S.A.D are about 3 weeks from harvest. hopefully alittle will be dry enought to sample for new years eve. If not we will enjoy the critical+. Has anyone ever smoked critical+? was wondering what to expect. I am guessing she will yeild around 2 ounce.Not bad for a quick veg and small space grow. I will post final results.
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    looking tasty!!! injoy!
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    Grown the Dinafem Critical+ a few times. I like the strain. It gives excellent yields of a high quality smoke. :thumbsup:

    Your lighting seems to be giving you an accelerated ripening, we take it to 10 weeks under straight HPS before seeing any appreciable ambering.

    As far as effect, on par with any other good strain. I wouldn't recommend it for pain, but for anxiety and getting patients to eat, great stuff!
    The buzz comes on quick and lasts a good couple hours.
    IMO where this strain shines is in the area of appetite stimulation. This is wicked "munchie" weed! :eat::eat:
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    It is actully at 8 weeks today, pic was taken awhile back and i didnt post right away. I planned to harvest at 9 weeks.So when i stated the trichromes where showing amber it was a week and a half after photo. Thanks for the insight:thumbsup:

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