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    Hey everyone, I just joined today & I'm very glad that I did. I'm learning a lot on I've been doing a lot of research on using a crock pot for coconut cannaoil. There is so much information out there on this subject but most of the recipes ask for 1/2 ounces and more..I'm not rich I can't afford that. lol With all the research and practicing different methods I came to my own conclusion for the following recipe that works for me. I haven't had any complaints family & friends enjoy them. The compliments that I got where for the taste & HIGH!!

    So Let's Make These Brownies!!:dance::clap:

    I used the Perfect Brownie Pan from As Seen On TV ( I bought mine at Kmart for $20). This is optional. I used the Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix because it asks for 2/3c. of oil. Follow the instruction on the box to make the brownie mix,i use coconut oil. The only change I make to the instructions is that I use a dash more than 2/3c of oil (I will explain as i go along). Using a small crock pot I put in my oil & I set the setting on low. You don't want to use the high setting because you can burn/vapor your stuff. I let the oil warm up before adding anything. Take 5g. of your shake, popcorn buds, stems, vapor ash or whatever your using and shredded it down finely as possible. Then throw into the crock pot using any wood chop stick,give it a good stir. Then cover and set for 5-6 hours.Stir often. There will be a slight smell, if you vaporize you will know what I'm talking about. After the 5-6hrs turn off crock pot and let cool slightly. Using cheese cloth, cover your glass container & pour the oil in. You might need a second pair of hands. Scrape everything that is inside the crock pot onto the cheese cloth. Set the ceramic pot to the side you will use later.Make sure to squeeze as much as you can out of it. So now you should have 2/3c. thats why u you want to go a lil above 2/3c so when u do get back you oil you should have 2/3c... The color will be earthy green. If your going to use your oil the same day put inside refrigerator for 20-30 minutes. If not using the same day let the oil solidify in the refrigerator to nice pea green/light green color.

    There is your coconut Cannaoil.
    (be 4 cleaning ur ceramic Crockpot, pour water in to your crock pot not 2 much water maybe 1/2..then pour in to a jar or plastic tub and put in fridge for 2+hrs and all the stuff floating on top is THC oil scrape and use on food or whatever asks for oil)

    If you have any question, feel free to ask. I will answer to the best of my ability. good luck :thumbsup:
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    i have done this recipe using 2/3c oil and 8g and cooked it on low for 12hrs..the color was nice and dark earthy green..when it harden in the fridge it was very light light green..nice!..the brownies i made where the best yet! i ate 2small pieces and man i was high and stuck for 8+hrs i think i blackout a couple of times lol.........i did the recipe above 2day i ate2 at 1030am and by 7pm i still felt it..damn! wife did 2 at work bad mistake she said she was so high she thought people would know, better known as weed paranoia...haha:jointsmile:
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