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    I think there is miss information being spread around lately about topping plants.

    1. not all strains take to topping that’s a fact.
    2. Those strains that don’t recover well when you top them you should bend those.
    3. Topping will increase yield…….yes that’s a fact considering the short controlled indoor cycle. The same logic applys to outdoor grow as well though.
    4. The main cola is the best pot…..I don’t think so, If you mix the main cola with a branch bud you will not know the difference when you smoke them blind.
    5. The main cola is denser bud’s….Correct the main cola is denser then the rest of the buds. Does that mean it’s better pot? Like I said before it’s denser but not necessarily better quality overall.
    6. Bending will increase the THC of the buds and topping decreases the THC….Bull shit!
    THC is as much genetics as environment. You can increase the THC content (%) by several way’s and whether you top or tie them down does not affect the end THC level on it’s own. There are many other factors, you being the biggest influence on your plants overall health.

    By removing the mail cola between the 4th & 5th node in early vegetation stage will keep the plant shorter and bushier. This works to keep the plants shorter thus better for indoor growing. You can grow in cabinets and still yield a pound or more with a SCOG method of growing. The main cola contains the anit-oxidant that controls height and other factors of the plant. (Think of it as the controller) when you remove the control everything is running on their own clock and time, but still moving in the same directions.(simple version) The lower braches will have time to grow and catch up with the rest of the branches and the yield will increase accordingly. The potency is not affected by cropping. The THC content is the same grown in like conditions. You increase the THC content of the trichomes by adjusting the environment and proper management of the nutrients. Like stop feeding (N) the last 2 weeks makes the plant use up stored chlorophyll and that will improve the over-all taste and quality of the bud.

    You see there are other ways and bending is not for every strain and circumstance. You bend outdoors when you need to like when you are hiding the plant and need to keep it in the light and out of site. You can bend when you have limited side spacing and the light is mostly top, like other plants hiding the early and late sun. You crop outdoors when you have room for the sides to grow out and have full light but don’t have the height and need to hide. Yield will be proportional to the branch areas receiving light. Cropping does need air flow due to the denser foliage where bending does very well with little air movement. I guess air movement is also an important consideration when deciding to bend crop or just let it go.

    Try a side by side your self and then grow how you need to or want to but don’t be down on people who crop unless you know what you are missing. I don’t think you have grown weight yet, but you will I have no doubt of that. So you see only different reason and there is still no definitive right or wrong way only options to choose. One may fit your needs the other may not. Most old school hippy growers say never cut the main cola all the Juju is there. Some of us have moved past that and into growing trees and using meters and computers to control everything. Sometime that’s overboard too trust me. Again all those tools are just another method of growing the same plant. Don’t get to set on growing one way you are missing half the fun.

    Take care, happy growing…..give cropping a try once or twice and don’t settle for anything less then the perfect harvest time.
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