Crossing weed with it possible?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by josemartinez915, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. josemartinez915

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    The title says it it possible???

    my friend says if you "cross clones of weed plant and strawberry plant and take seeds from both plants and grow them, cross them again will make strawberry nug which u can then throw a few into a blender and make a weed smoothie"

    although it is just high rambling, i think it could work to some extent...

  2. GreenLeaf420

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    I have not heard of Strawberry's but they have been working with tomatoes in Amsterdam for years. Check it out you can google that.... Marijuana Tomatoes Try Strawberry. If anyone is doing it they are. The way your friend explained it sounds a bit easier then it probably is.. LOL

    Why not just put some strawberry's and weed in the blender that would be easier or eat a strawberry and puff a Joint.. LOL:jointsmile:

    Just Playing Good Luck GL420:jointsmile::jointsmile::jointsmile:
  3. SFGurrilla

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    They had a THC Orange Tree
  4. stinkyattic

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    Your friend is full of shit. And that myth about 'strawberry fields' (one of the parents onf 'strawberry cough') being a strawberry hybrid- just because it was GROWN in a strawberry patch doesn't mean it hybridized with them lol- TOTAL myth.

    However, in this day and age of genetic engineering, ANYTHING is possible; you just need to write a grant proposal and get some $$$ from ADM, DuPont, or any other big company with a crop production research division to toss you a few mil to study it.

    Because that would be COOL.
  5. allrollsin21

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    It blows my mind that humans could take two of the most staggeringly awesome plants, created so perfectly by mother nature, and try and combine them. I guess all the strain manipulation is a similar idea...and we love our strains...but i would love to see the SACRED HERB left out of GMO experiments!:wtf:
  6. Weedhound

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    I remember reading in Marijuana Botany how hard they tried to graft ganja branches onto the stems and trunks of different plants......all for security purposes so that it wouldn't "look like weed" from the air.
  7. Plazmid

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    Yep, you can graft a stem of a cannabis plant onto a hops plant, because they're practically kissing cousins from an evolutionary standpoint. The reverse works too... I think what they were trying to do was put a hops top onto cannabis roots, with the hope that the lower cannabis part would make THC and send it up into the hops scion. Didn't work though!
  8. Aspire420

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    Do strawberry plants have sexes like marijuana? In nature such things are possible if the subjects are closely related or in the same category. Such as a Liger - a tiger and lion mate to create a liger. Now is it possible for a zebra and an Arabian horse to mate.....not likely. There has to be very close geniology and characteristics for such hybrids. Roses have been hybrid many times into many different colors and flower formations. It really depends on how relative they are to each other. In other words to some degree.......anything is possible. :abduct:
  9. Aspire420

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    Oh another thing...many flowering plants and herbs are crossed strand by strand. They are not crossed directly but the genetic strands are infused into the plant gradually. I really don't know that much about it but roses are hybrid in that manner. I mean have you seen all the different kinds of roses there are? It's amazing and just because people are so fascinated with them that they have taken time into crossing strains piece by piece.
  10. Storm Crow

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    Heck- give it a try!

    Plants don't follow quite the same rules as mammals. The idea of a strawberry cannabis hybrid is not totally far fetched! Read about fatshedera-

    Botanical Wonder - Plant of the Week

    I believe that recent DNA studies suggest that there is a genetic relationship between cannabis and strawberries. Virgin female cannabis + strawberry pollen = ? The worst that happens is nothing! The best???? Who knows? ;)

    And about that possibility of a zebra horse hybrid? :wtf:

    Zebra + horse = zorse (+photo/video) - 29 Jun 2007 - NZ Herald: World / International News

    - Granny:hippy:
  11. Storm Crow

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    SFG, hon...

    It is always better to take the time and find the article you are referring to! Like this-

    High Times > A Florida Biochemist Designs a Citrus Tree with THC

    Otherwise, folks will dismiss you as just another dumb stoner kid who's just "blowing smoke", rather than someone who remembered an obscure bit of data! :thumbsup:

    And dang, I wish I had got some of those seeds! Nothing like fresh OJ in the morning! :D

  12. stinkyattic

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    You mean genetic modification? DNA splicing? Roses are bred by old-school hybridization techniques- using sexual reproduction and a seed line. Grafting in roses has nothing to do with genetic manipulation; the rootstocks of hybrid rose varieties are typically weak and susceptible to nematodes. Therefore, the growing shoots of a commercially valuable hybrid will be grafted onto the rootstocks of either a very old (turn of the century) variety called Dr. Huey which is winter hardy to zone 4, or to a local scrub rose that happens to be impervious to the local pathogens and parasites. In New England, a good choice would be R. multiflora. This changes neither the genetics of the rootstock, nor of the scion; one of the maintenance issues with roses is the removal of suckers that the rootstock sometimes sends up and which are nothing mroe than the stems of the plant that it SHOULD have been growing on top, lol! They never show characteristics that combine traits of both. The DNA and RNA remains unchanged. The wide variety of colors and flower forms seen in the genus is the result of hundreds of years of mixing up named varieties through mating, and selecting for the ones that most clearly carry a novel characteristic.

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