Cultivation laws in Ohio?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by CultureCherryPopper, Mar 5, 2008.

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    My question is this: They break up the different penalties by amounts in grams, i.e. 100g or less is a minor misdemeanor, 100g to 200g 4th degree misdemeanor and so on. But what constitutes 100g? I mean, is it the actual bud weight present, implied, or what? I mean, even if there's no bud the plant is still illegal right? So would that still be a minor if you just had a large crop that hasn't budded yet? My buddy says it's more the number of plants, but how so, if so? I've looked everywhere and found little info, so anyone with insight post please!
  2. landlord

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    You can bet that they would count the whole plant dried or undried. stems, stalks, leaves, all of it.

    Ohio does not go by number of plants, they go by weight. you are right, your friend is wrong.

    I wish I stilled lived in Ohio sometimes, under 100 grams, just pay your fine and go home.
  3. KillerMac

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    WHatever they gotta do

    THey even weigh it inside the bag :/ anythingt o make the amount larger....:mad:
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    Try googling....

    "Randy Brush" "Wellsville, Ohio". Read it and weep! :( Upshot was 4 (beautiful) plants = 3 years. And he used it medically! I wrote to him during his incarceration. Still hear from him now and then. :) - Granny:hippy:
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    That's what I don't understand. How do they determine weight, is it the whole damn plant? Jail time for 4 plants? This can't be right. But if it is damn, I myself culled my grow down to 4 plants so that it would only be a minor misdemeanor, but it appears I'm wrong. The Brush case is a shame because MJ is somewhat decriminalized in Ohio already. I got no problem with a ticket, but jail time, whoa buddy.
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    whoa buddy is right. ohio got the ticket thing goin alright now, and they do enforce it sometimes (if it makes an example out of people). for example-columbus ohio hempfest 2008-cops were definitely on the lookout and writing tickets all over the place. i'm very lucky to have not gotten one, as i could of. easily. i was blatant. -its nice they weren't carting people off to jail in paddywagons though...

    honestly i'm more scared getting caught up in the system somehow. i've heard of our gov't restricting movement out of the country because of bullshit past drug related offenses. anybody know anything more about this?
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    a bit nervous

    I've got 1 bush in the backyard. Just popped up from a seed from a doob my brother rolled back there. Laid it over and everything. Its not more than 3 1/2 feet tall but one big ass bush full of bud. Wondering how much trouble I'm in if something goes wrong? Gonna wait it out till its ready but its getting a little nerve racking. Any thoughts?
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    ohio laws

    im pretty sure they weigh the whole plant. you could have 100 seedlings weighing 100 grams and have a misdemeanor. you could also have one plant weighing over a kilo and be fucked.
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    whats up ashtabula what part of ohio u from? Do you have an AIM?
  10. ashtabula

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    im from ne ohio. around new lyme, jefferson, andover, orwell area. and what is AIM?
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    Ashtabula.......whats with the name? Why did you pick it? My father was on a Navy Vessel name the Ashtabula. Sorry off topic, my apologies for butting in.:hippy:
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    In Ohio they weigh everything. stem, leaves bud... even root! Checkmate!!

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