Cup and scissors?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Gecko, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Gecko

    Gecko Registered+

    I heard that you use cup and scissors to break up weed. What exactly do you do?
  2. Mirno Sctlnd

    Mirno Sctlnd Registered+

    You put the weed in the scissors and cut it up with the cup, or perhaps the other way around. It's a shit method if you ask me as the weed pings out of the blades and it takes a while. Using a grinder is by far the best, or just picking with your fingers.
  3. Trychs

    Trychs Registered+

    Nail scissors work well if you just mean cutting it in bits to put in a j. They're nice and sharp and easy to handle.
  4. Fan o KmK

    Fan o KmK Banned

    whats something to use as an alternative to a grinder, cuz i dont haveone, and teh crystals come off on ur fingers when u break it apart.
  5. Mirno Sctlnd

    Mirno Sctlnd Registered+

    I'm not sure, if you had shit loads you could de-stalk it then use a blender. The crystals stick to anything you use to brake it up, if it's not your fingers they're sticking to it's the grinder. But if you get a fancy ass grinder you just collect it all and make kif.
  6. 666Maiden420

    666Maiden420 Registered+

    the best method is too use a shot glass rather then a cup, its smaller, the weed stays in one place and easy to snip up. Plastic is smarter (for me) because i hate the sound of steel against glass. It is prob the best method, and if u do it right no weed goes flying, you save crystal and it is easy to pour into paper. Siscors and a shot glass rawks for rolling........
  7. Fan o KmK

    Fan o KmK Banned

    ^cool thanks, il tr that ttonight.
  8. lateralus

    lateralus Registered+

    How about a coffee grinder? If you grind it for too long, it'd be much too small, but maybe a second or two would do the job.
  9. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    get a shot glass and some nice scizzors (walmart has some really nice sharp easy to steal ones if oyur intrested) throw your bud in the glass and then put the scizzors upside down from the way you normally would hold them with your thumb in one hole and index finger in the other.....or buy a 3 dollar grinder either way is extremely simple
  10. stothelutz

    stothelutz Registered+

    Use your lawn mower. Works great for me. And best of all it goes strait into a bag for easy recovery. ;)
  11. Strikerrr

    Strikerrr Registered+

    I don't mean to be a dick but are you fucking serious. But 2 and 2 together. you have weed a cup and some scisscors(sp). What do you think you do?
  12. prplchknz

    prplchknz Registered+

    shove them up your ass :confused: :D
  13. Green Screen

    Green Screen Registered+

    chill out dude... go smoke a bowl or something.

    The guy was just asking a question, if you dont wanna give him advice then your just wasting effort typing.
  14. 666Maiden420

    666Maiden420 Registered+


    About the coffee grinder (aka Budbuster) i like using a budbuster, the only problem is it seperates the weed and the crystal, its easy to put back on tho. I usually collect it up (crystal) in it then sweep it out later with a make up brush. I do prefer to use scizzors tho.
  15. ShamanicHippy

    ShamanicHippy Registered+

    hahahahhaa a blender for weed. that is fucking funny. "this is some blended weed man"
    "hey man lets roll a J"
    "just a minute i gotta throw my weed in the blender"

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