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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Fencewalker, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Fencewalker

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    Ok, so I keep seeing folks debating different methods of germination and I thought I would take the time to show my personal favorite germ method.

    When I first started out, I tried the paper towel method. TBH, I hated it.

    First, trying to keep the towels moist, but not too moist and then trying to extract the germed seeds from the soggy mess when ready was a real PITA for this particular grower.

    I don't remember where I first heard of the cup of water method, but I decided to try it and I fell in love with the hands off, no attention needed aspect of this particular method.

    So, first I put some water in a cup. Just regular old tap water, not ice cold yet not warm either. I like to call it tepid.
    Basically as close to room temperature as I can guesstimate.

    Next I throw some seeds in the cup of water.

    I then place the cup in a dark closet on a shelf in room temperature (70-72 degrees) and forget about them overnight.

    The next morning (12 hours later) I look at the cups and see how many have sunk. Any still floating I dunk with my finger to see if they will sink.

    Past experience has told me that any floaters are not going to be viable.

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  2. Fencewalker

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    24 hours after they sink (for those keeping score at home, that is 36 hours after placing the seeds in the cup initially), I check to see if any have germinated.

    If the seeds have cracked and I can see the white "tap root", I consider that a successful germination. I do not necessarily wait for the root to grow. But I have and that is one thing that is nice about this, there aren't many time constraints with this method.

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  3. Fencewalker

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    Now they are ready to be planted in the medium of your choice. My medium of choice is soil.

    I realize that the seeds do not need light to break ground, but I start them under light anyway. My reasoning being, I don't update myself on their progress every 10 minutes or so like I did when starting out and I want them to be greeted with HPS sunlight the minute they poke their pretty little heads above ground.

    2 and 1/2 days after planting, the first sprouts appear. So from start to finish is 4 days. 4 days of very little attention. I can continue my life and not worry about what they are doing.

    Everybody has their own style of germinating and that is fine. For me personally, I love this method because there is very little fuss or muss and it is pretty fool proof (and there is many a time I have been a fool).

    Now in the interest of fairness, there is one downside that I have noticed. The shell seems to harden more with this method, which requires me to sometimes have to remove the shell casing to release the little buggers so they can unfold fully.
    Harrowing the first few times, but now it is just a simple pinch and a gentle pull and they are good to go.

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  4. Mr. Clandestine

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    Nice thread, +rep to ya for the details & images!

    I'm still a pushover for the paper towel method, however I think that's more or less just out of habit. Have you ever used distilled over tap water and noticed any difference? Also, for the seeds that don't sink, did you ever try scuffing the shells just a bit...or trying to germinate another way? (Paper towel method, for instance.)

    Sorry for the '20 Questions', I just like hearing about the different things that people try & do to their plants.

    (Edit: Oops. I gotta spread some +rep love around a bit. Well, I'll just meditate and try to send you some good vibes through the computer screen! :thumbsup:)
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  5. Dutch Pimp

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    I use the same method as Fencewalker....:thumbsup:

    ...but you need good viable seeds for any method to work.
  6. SunnySativa

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    What ive found to be the best method [for someone whos had success both ways, in water and paper towel] i've noticed i get the absoulte best results by puttin the seeds between to damp paper towel and into some type of air tight tupperware container and letting it go [maybe open once or twice to change the stale air with some fresh] It uses the paper towel method but the air tight container keeps the towels from drying out. This way i get germ almost 100% of the time without needing to re-wet the paper towels.:thumbsup:
  7. Fencewalker

    Fencewalker Registered+

    I've been blessed with good tap water so have never felt the need to go the distilled route.
    Yeah, I've tried that. Never had much success though.
    Yep, I started out with the paper towel method. Didn't care for it at all. Either dried them out or had to get the germed seeds out of the soggy mess. This is so much simpler to me. I've also skipped the germination and planted them in the soil. Then waited days and days hoping the seeds were viable.

    The water method is my all time favorite.
    Not a problem. :)
  8. Mr. Clandestine

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    I get the same effect with a ziplock bag. If I ever have to re-wet the paper towel, I officially give up on the seeds that have yet to germinate. This usually takes about a week, or more. If they haven't sprouted yet, I'll assume they're never going to.
  9. SunnySativa

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    Yea, wet it once, the seed [that are no good] usually show signs of rottening or mold before my water drys out lol, but yea ziplock back would be exactly the same....ive gotten like a 90% germ and from old bagseed even....other 10% is those seeds that are to old or bunk, which is usually 1 outta 5....hrm actually what would that be 80% then huh lol
  10. gotmudatv

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    So what about lighting when you plant your seed. From what i have read you start on your 18/6 but after reading some more i hear 24 hour of light.
  11. Mr. Clandestine

    Mr. Clandestine Registered+

    That's entirely up to you. The debate rages on over which is better, but it'll always just be a personal preference in my opinion. Do a search on 'photoperiod' here or on Google, you'll get a lot of information about who uses what schedule, and why. If you do run a 24/0 schedule, make sure you power down everything for at least 15 minutes or so every week. Lights, fans, pumps, etc., will have a longer life if they're not kept running constantly. Other than that, the choice is yours. :thumbsup:
  12. Divestoned

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    the only 24 hour days are in ever try to grow weed in antartica? LOL my thought is keep it as natural as possible,so i use 18/6 for sprouts an vegg. BTW I use the soak method =)

  13. MEKONE

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    I used the same germination technique as Fencewalker :thumbsup: and they cracked in about 1 day.As for light,I am currently using 24/0 for now up until they are about a month to a month and a half,then switching to 18/6.I'm just not sure if I should do this slowly or all at once.
  14. texas grass

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    i think im goin to give this method a shoot with some very old freebys and some bagseed to see how i like. with give an update in a few day to tell of my experiences:thumbsup:
  15. MEKONE

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    texas grass,if they are old,put a cap full of peroxide in the cup.It helps with the cracking ALOT.

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