Cure for bud that's to dry?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by bookat, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. bookat

    bookat Registered

    Got a bag of super dry weed. :mad: Is there anything I can do to get some moisture back into it so it doesn't all smoke up so damn quick? Thanks!
  2. you could always wet it and let it dry, but im not sure that will help much sorry
  3. Day Dreamin Faze

    Day Dreamin Faze Registered+

    put it in the fridge
  4. sawleaf

    sawleaf Registered+

    Take your dry bud and put it in a sealed jar with a few pieces for fresh lettuce. The sealed enviroment will allow the bud to absorb some moisture from the lettuce and will be a smoother smoke. :)
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  5. rnf232s

    rnf232s Registered+

    I heard you can do the same thing that sawleaf said with orange peels and other things like that.
  6. sawleaf

    sawleaf Registered+

    Yes you can do the same by adding citrus peels to it also. This will add some different aroma to the bud also. Lettuce is netrual though and will not add any type scent. :)
  7. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    dont wet it and let it dry that'll mold it, take a piece of orange peel and seeal it in ur bag for a few hours..dont leave it to long or it could mold and ruin ur weed
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  8. Niftyfifty

    Niftyfifty Registered+

    Bread, or a wet (and clean) sponge material will also do the trick as well as the orange peel with the jar idea. Can treat it with steam it, too.
  9. sawleaf

    sawleaf Registered+

    Keep it in a glass container. Everyone knows that plastic bags are shitty for your buds. Why loose resin glands????
  10. NowhereMan

    NowhereMan Registered+

    i have used apple pealings to cure that problem,
  11. maryjanemama

    maryjanemama Registered+

    I have used a small piece of bread, too.
  12. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    bannana peelz wood b coo, ive had bananabud b4, it wuznt made bananabud by puttin it in a jar wit peelz, however the small and taste wuz awsum! yellow hairs, bright bright green with tonz of white crystals. very good shite
  13. YES

    YES Registered+

    Why are plastic baggies bad for your weed? Ive never heard that before.
  14. rnf232s

    rnf232s Registered+

    They arent really bad per sey, but they just dont give you a good air tight seal for your bud, so it can dry out and be exposed to the air more easily. It is best to store larger amounts in air tight containers.
  15. Day Dreamin Faze

    Day Dreamin Faze Registered+

    and you loose all teh crystals to the side of the bag
  16. DrGonzo

    DrGonzo Registered+

    a glass jar is safest for your weed, I got a little one at the dollar store, it fits a 1/2 O perfectly.
  17. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    woodnt that b a bitch if ya dropped the glass wit a 1/2 o inside...have fun cuttin that bud up :(
  18. sawleaf

    sawleaf Registered+

    Plastic bags are bad for storage because they hold a static electrical charge which attracts and pulls off a lot of the resin glands. Every notice how plastic baggies look hazy afterwards. That is the tricomes that are clinging to the inside of the bag.
  19. hydro420

    hydro420 Registered+

    film containers work too. i have just recently started using one and it colects the crystals and red hairs at the bottom and i just dump them out and put on top of the bowl.
  20. joker121

    joker121 Registered+

    try buying a lot of hash oil, and letting it get saturated.

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