Curing marijuana - High Times April 2018 issue

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    High Times has an excellent article on curing marijuana in the April issue this year. All that information is easily available online for free, but it does a nice job if anybody here is new to growing and you want something from a magazine.

    It's debatable if High Times would be considered the go to placed for information on marijuana, but overall it's decent. Overall, I like reading the 'zine, but more for it's current and populist articles, rather than tips on growing weed.
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  2. Pupp

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    Just to be a bit critical of High Times: I have a subscription and I do like it, but they sort of have certain articles they visit every year, updated with the newest information, but most of what they cover is similarly covered in a variety of other online avenue for free. I like the populist stuff like interviews with artists and music recommendations and similar pop articles, I follow what strains are popular and which strains are best selling in various places around the country.
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    I have to give credit, where credit is due:

    back sometime in the 1990's; I saw the cover of a High Times magazine.

    My knees buckled. That was grown in a closet????? I got a closet.
    It was the prettiest plant I had ever seen. An idea was born!

    2005 a star is born
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