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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by katacus, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. katacus

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    Hi guys!

    Im finishing up on my first bagseed grow. I didnt have to many problems with the grow. I did have a temp problem. Once the plants made it into the flowering stage, temps did drop to around 45-50 degrees for a few weeks. It slowed the growth down. But the plants seem to do well anyways.

    Plants have been hung upside down for about a week to dry. Now I have the buds in an air tight jar placed in the dark. I have been opening the jar for about 20 mins each day. If there is a better method, please let me know.

    The buds have a strong minty smell to it. Is that normal? Nothing like any weed ive had before. Its very smooth smoke and a strong high. Actually it close to a one hit wonder:) No complaints there. But the smell, is something totally different. Curious if this is common.

    I grew in soil with organic nutes. I will be modifing my grow room to address the temp variances. The grow room is in an excellent location. It's a storage room under my porch, accessable through my garage. However, the only heat comes from my two, vented, 400 watt hps lights and a couple of red/blue shop lights. I need to insulate to combat my colder climate issues. Im thinking about taking down the mylar and using a foam inuslation board with a reflective surface that I saw at Lowe's. The grow room is 4x4x6 and vented directly to the lights with a 465 cf dayton blower. I have a couple of small fans as well. 6" fresh air intake, 4" exhaust. vent system seems to work well.

    Soz to ramble...curious for comments. Thanks:Rasta:
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    one of my m8's is water curing one of his buds he says it should stay in water for a week and that will flush all the unwanted shit out from it, hes only doing one like this as a test to see if the reults are what he thought
    i wouldent like to soak a bud in water personly but il have a taste when its done and then ill think about it lol
    another curing method is to leave it in a airtight jar for atleast a month and will improve on the taste and high
    cheers hope this helps
  3. smoknjoe

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    You have to open the jar periodically to prevent mold. The longer into the cure, the longer you can go between openings. The familiar "pot" smell should return after you have done a proper cure.
  4. katacus

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    I flushed with water for about three weeks prior to harvest. I just placed my strongest growing plant into an airtight jar. It is just coming out of a week long drying. It was dried almost to a crisp. The first plant was still a bit moist. Im using the jar and paper bag curing routine with it now. funny thing, the second plant has only a light minty smell. Im sampling the second plant now for the first time.

    btw. I built a drying box. Just simply a large cardboard box. I cut out two square holes on each end near the bottom and cut the flaps of the top so that its open. The put strings at the top. Hung plants and placed a pillow case on the top. The drying box was then placed into my dark hallway closet that seems to vent well.

    the sample of the second plant has turn out great. wow. but I dont understand the minty smell. must have been the grow media. All four plants that I have are of a different varity. I just have no idea what.
  5. katacus

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    ahh...thanks smoknjoe;)
  6. sheist

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    that could be the strain u grew.. kush usually smells lyk pine..
  7. latewood

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    i.e.after you can grab a stem on the plant and it "Snaps" it is dry. Put it in a mason/airtight jar in the dark. open jar every day or 2, 3 at the most to allow fresh air in and control the start of mold. curing does not increase potency, but helps retain the quality of the thc already there.

    I hope you don't mind that I added 'mo' here, it just seemed like a good spot. lw
  8. LIP

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    Just keep going with the curing, make sure you keep looking for mold, and as the curing goes on, you can leave the lid open for slightly longer.
  9. BlueDragonSmoke

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    Keep in mind also , the famous bag weed smell is from a comerical grower probaly in a hurry to make cash and it was handled badly and cured bricks at a time fast on the way to where it was intended to go . So with that said , fresh bud that you dry and cure your self will never really smell like the bag stuff in my opinon, fresh is it ALL smells the same when it is smoked ..I

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