curling leaves?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by misk, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. misk

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    got no help in plant problems so i thought id try in here.

    i dont have pics coz im at a net cafe n shit but the leaves on my plant seem to be curling in and also droop. what could be causing this?

    i had a bad case of spider mights and thought it was just them, but the\yre long gone now and its still happening.

    the plant is growing in a drip/bubbler hydro system with a 600watt globe.

    any help is appreciated, cheers.
  2. The White Snoop

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    Well I have seen 2 differnt types of curling through my experience.

    The first is PH flucuation. This is known as the "claw". To fix, start checking ph daily and keep it the same.

    The second is overwatering. Its more of a droop than a curl. This means there either isnt enough DO, and/or water temps are too high.

    Hope this helps :thumbsup:

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  3. Zandor

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    There are many things it could be.

    Like what type of water are you using?
    What is the Ph?
    What nutrients are you using?

    Just a few questions I have more but those are a good start.
  4. misk

    misk Registered+

    this has been my first hydro grow so im still learning, but im getting ther :D

    im getting both drooping and curling.

    ive only recently started testing PH but the only PH tester i could buy at the time only goes down to 6.0 so ive been trying to keep it as close to 6 as i can. i will be getting a proper PH tester wen i can but atm im working 14 hour days 6 days a week, kinda makes it hard to do anything wen ur only day off is sunday lol.

    and i keep water temps at about 22-23 degrees celcius, i havnt had time to research water temps so this may be too high?

    and i also may be over watering as i havnt looked into watering intervals too much either. i have a drip system with an airstone and sprinklers in the tub facing the roots. i have the pump on for 15minutes every hour wen the light is on and 15 minutes every 2 hours wen the lights off.

    im using thrive brand bloom a & b that i got from my local hydro shop, ill get some more info on them tomorow, and thats all

    cheers for the help guys, much appreciated.
  5. slowthestone

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    I've one plant that has the curled, or 'hooked' leaves.

    It's growing alongside another plant that hasn't shown any signs of curling, in the same container at that. That is...both plants are growing in identical conditions.

    So I did up some clones, sure as shit, the clones of the curled mother plant right away began showing the same effect. A node starts out healthy enough, but as the days pass, it hooks over when a new node begins to develop. With all things being equal, the results led me to believe, at least in the case of the one plant and her clones...

    It's genetic.

    So, if you've any cloning to up a pair of cutlings and see if the same effect continues on to the clones.
  6. konquest

    konquest Registered

    I have a very similar problem, with plants curling and drooping without reason... I've around 20 babies all in a flood n drain style system with lots of airstones, all have the same Canna nutes but every one has its own strange tendencies. I've found it's not the Ph as I keep it between 5.4 - 6.2, overwatering will definetly droop the plants but i've found oxygen to the biggest factor in leef curling. I had a few plants looking almost dead with no spring in the leaves perk up and reach for the sky after sticking an air stone under the pot. My plants now are great, the only time they droop and curl is when the light goes off, and when the timer kicks in they go from drooping down to raising up in around 10 minutes... The best the plants were ever doing was when they were sitting in water being bubbled 20 - 22 hrs per day they were going great and even through their dark period they would stay upright and straight. Using the same system and technique on the same plants, they are now doing the droop thing again whenever the lights are off. Im putting it down to a being winter thing :( Snoop's on the money, with those pics showing Ph and Overwatering probs. nice one
  7. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    In hydro you ph is a little high you should be closer to 5.2 to 5.8 but 6.0 is ok later in the life cycle but not early on.

    Water temp in the of 72f - 73f is a little warm but not that far out of range. The problem is when it goes higher at times you don't check it.

    You did not answer the water question of what type of water you use. I will assume you are using local city water. The challenge to growing in hydro with out having the proper meter (I understand about working your ass off) you not only need a quality Ph meter with calibration solution you also need a quality TDS/EC meter as well. You may want to try buying online from a shop or eBay if you can.

    Your water schedule sounds fine but I can only guess what the problem is with that one at this point.

    What is your grow medium?
    Are you using Rockwool? Anything with it?

    Your water may be to hard to start with, you can't be sure with out a TDS/EC meter.

    You may at worst just need to cut a clone and hope you can get a few to root. This one may not make it so be prepared just in case. You can call this one a learning experience. We all killed one or two in the beginning so don't give up.
  8. misk

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    ok, the water temp wouldnt be going over wat the heater is set to as its winter here, and the light is a fair way away from te tank, the temp in the room is mild, not to hot not too cold (broke my thermomiter wen i moved :(

    i am using just normal city water, and have been since the start of the grow, but it hasnt affected the plant until now. im pretty sure the water in this area isnt too 'hard' but spose its hard to tell without measuring.

    im using grow rocks for growing medium.

    the plant still seems healthy and is producing large sticky buds, its just taking its sweet ass time.

    ill try dropping the water temp a lil and will get a bigger airstone and ill reduce the watering schedule slighty. im not guna bother with the Ph until i get a tester that goes below 6 because whenever i test its alawys below 6 to start with, ive been raising it to 6 as i wasnt sure how far below 6 it was.

    ill see how it goes after a few days :)

  9. u.g.u

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    when ever mine start to curl it is from over nuting them back it off a little give em straight water for a couple days and the should be fine that is if they look like snoops 1st pic I have never had them curl do to ph I have had the leaves get a discolored but never curled. The 2nd pic is for sure overwatering.
  10. konquest

    konquest Registered

    Are drooping leaves normal during the dark period ??? They seem to pop straight back up when the lights come on.... ??
  11. misk

    misk Registered+

    ive reduced my water temp to 20degrees celcius and have 1/4 strength nutes in, after a day or 2 it seems to be coming back to normal, ther is still a lil bit of drooping happening tho, could my watering schedule be over watering the plant?

    wat kind of watering scedule do u all use?

    i also have a strange problem with some of the leaves kind of clumping together instead of fanning out, any suggestions?

  12. u.g.u

    u.g.u Registered+

    Konquest- Yes that is pretty normal.
  13. Specialist

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    this problem is either heat/light stress in which case you would adjust the distance of your light, or it is a magnesium deficiency. To fix a mg problem add epsom salts to your water. I the leaves start to turn yellow on th tips give the plant nothing but distilled water for about a week.
  14. Racerx

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    im new around here and everything but...isnt that a little obvious? You didnt even give any advice, just advertised. Are you not affiliated with that website at all? You just love it enough to plug it?

    There is already enough advertising on this website in my opinion.
  15. medical420

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    The first pic looks like a ph problem. second pic looks like transplant shock or over, under watering.
  16. medical420

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    When plants go full steam all day and hour or so before lights go off, they have trained themselves on the light cycle. they will start to shut down, droop, stomata closing, ready for the night time building. perfectly normal.
  17. tinytoon

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    post was 4 years old
  18. hooflungpoo

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    Hi all , ino im in the wrong section but im growing 2 "cheese" plants in soil. Im a total newb to growing, got a pathetic 240w bulb but only used it for the first 3 weeks due to unexpected bulb blowing:mad: so using natural sunlight (IN ENGLAND ... DISASTER) But they are now 5 weeks old , not "budding" yet but some leaves are stating to curl is this normal or what i have pics but not any that really show the curved leaves oh and lastly have been using pk13/14 fruit formulation booster ... I KNOW its meant to be added during the flowering stage but i thought it may speed up procedures ... any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated thanks:smokin:

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  19. SmokeMyPiece

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    Thread is resurrected again :stoned:

    Your plant wont bud right there.. (maybe a couple pistils)

    advice: start your own thread in the correct section. i know you know this is the wrong section but you will get more help on soil growing from Soil Growers.

    List alllll aspect of your grow and post PICS. you will get replies quickly if followed :thumbsup:
  20. bbc011

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    Same Problem

    Hello! First time grow, I am experiencing the same problem, I have a one week old White Widow plant and am giving it a solution of plant food with calcium/magnesium supplement growing in Coco fiber in a plant box that surrounds the plant with florecent bulbs. I try and keep the PH at 6-7 range in the water and plant food. I just fed it yesterday but I have noticed the drooping happen since before I fed it, from what I read it maybe too much water for the little seedling. Can anyone give advice on what I should do?

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