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Discussion in 'Oregon (OR)' started by SoOreHatch, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. SoOreHatch

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    Currently where I live in Southern Oregon there are not any local dispensaries..

    People must drive quite a distance too obtain the medication they need, or find a local caretaker.. many of which are very over-loaded with patients they are taking care for..

    I Am curious as too where i should look, too find some information on the dispensary start up process, Im right on the boarder of Northern California, and Southern Oregon.... I want too make a local, Professional, Dispensary for Medical Marijuana users..

    The current situation is absurd, Patients have been traveling anywhere up too 2 hours one way just too obtain medication..:wtf:

    I Figure a local dispensary would be an excellent way too provide support, medication and information for the community. Saving time and money for patients.

    So Any help will be much abliged! Thanx in advance

    ~SoOreHatch~ :thumbsup:
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    It would be illegal to have a dispensary in Oregon right now. Please read the OMMP law!

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