Cutting big fan leaves during flowering?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by bingotoad, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. bingotoad

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    I am 6 weeks into flowering. Should I cut the higher fan leaves to give the lower buds more light?
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    I would definitely avoid cutting fan leaves during flowering. Your plants pull nutes from the leaves and cutting them will affect that.

    I suggest tying groups of leaves together so light can make it down to the lower part of the plant, and your baby can still pull nutes from those leaves.
  4. Delta

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    Excellent suggestion . Listen to this guy. He knows whats up.
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    Well, I beg to differ.
    I attended a 4 day class last month at the Oaksterdam University in Oakland CA, along with Horticulture 101 and advanced Horticulture 102.

    The instructor told the class that by the time he harvests his crop, there is not much trimming left to do, because the closer to the chopping date, he is trimming the large leaves so that the buds get all the light they deserve. The plants don't need much in the way of nutrients six weeks into flowering. He also defended his position by saying a lot of people growing orchards etc, do the same thing and they are doing it for the same reason. There were 5 or 6 instructors walking around there at the time, and no one argued with him. I think anyone who has a chance should go and take a course like I did. I have grown for seven years and learned a lot!

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    technique name?

    what is the name for this technique? i would like to try it on one of my plants.
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    Cutting leaves

    About halfway into flower start cutting the shade leaves as they yellow. Do not tie leaves together. Only the top one will get light anyway. And if mold forms it will be in the leaf bunches. As the plant matures the leaves have served their purpose. Remove them.

    If you are working with a leafy strain, get in there and cut half of them off. It won't hurt them and will make room for buds.
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    dunno if any of you have grown tomatoes but most people take most of the leaves off when the fruit is formedto make the fruit ripen quicker..
    and i do the same in my grow space everytime...And it works.
    just trim the biggest ones of first to let the light in to any shadey buds and the closer you get to harvesting the more i trim off and yes like someone else said when i do harvest there isnt much trimming left to do.
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    never touch fan leaves on autoflowers they need them. since it is a mad dash to create energy to finish in the 8-9 weeks. as far as other breeds i am sure it varies. I am known more for my outstanding knowledge when it comes to autoflowers and there yeilds :thumbsup:

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