cutting da top off ur plant?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by DEXY, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. DEXY

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    Hi i was talking to a friend and i showed him a picture of my plants and he said if u cut da top off the plant it would stop growing up and it would make it more bushy. Does this work and if it does would a bushy bush be better :confused: :confused: :confused:
  2. dylan

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    "topping" your plant helps in a lot of ways. you just need to clip the growing top, and it will start to branch out. this will increse your yeild, make your plants less visible, and use all the avalable space. but do not top when flowering. you can however tie your branches out away from each other or down to get a similar effect when flowering or veg.
  3. taphead

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    Toping your plant will slow its upward growth because every time you clip a top it forks into two tops this slows its upward growth and gives more energy to the other branches but it does not stop your plant from growing up. I have a plant that is 8 feet tall and was topped 5 times. it is also almost 8 feet wide. And as Dylan said do not top your plant wile it is flowering.
  4. del...

    del... Registered+ it is now closing in towards the end of summer the plants are already well underway with flowering and topping is the LAST thing you want to do now. yes, it will most definitely shorten them but they won't have near enough time to recover. leave em alone and wait until next year to apply your new tip then top em after the 3rd-5th appears...iow, early in the seedling stage for best results.
  5. blazeallday

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    I topped my plants a little over month old and had great results with that. now a few weeks from harvest and i have two heads. and it kept it from getting too tall too. mutherfuckers are bushy as hell!
  6. del...

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    but think of the colas you would have had if you had topped at the 'normal' time...3rd-5th node early in the seedling stage. it is NOT a good idea to top so close to harvest.
  7. KingKron

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    "Topping" is a good way to get more bud sites and a smaller fuller plant , but the thing is that some strains of marijuana should not be topped at all or pruned.
  8. llamaman666

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    but doesnt topping make the buds smaller above the cut? and do any cannabis plants naturaly branch.
  9. del...

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    the secret to good topping is getting it done early in the seedling at the 3rd-5th node. this will give the split just above ground level and the plant will grow normally except be doubled (as a general rule). topping during flowering will NOT give the desired fact it will reduce yield.

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