Cutting / Removing fan Leaves during Flowering..... ???? Help!! PIC included !!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Mr. Dick Bag, Jun 11, 2012.

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    How do you guys feel about removing fan leaves or cutting them back during flowering ? An is this better for more yield or does it not make any difference at all ?

    Please help me out here. . . On my first grow I didn't have to worry about it because i had 1 plant to work with. Now I have 6 plants under One light in a 8 x 8 size bathrooom... I will

    add a pick for a better Idea.

    Thanks ahead of time!!


  2. growmaxx

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    I would certainly remove a lot of the lower growth from your plants, both leaves and the smallest branches near the bottom and middle in order to open things up a bit. The tops aren't so bad but you can pluck a few of the leaves that are blocking out light to open things up a bit. That way the plants can focus their energy on making big colas! Good luck ;)
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    Mr. D Bag:

    I would NOT cut any leaves if you can help it. Fan leave are HUGE sources of energy for plants. That is the function of fan leaves. They are huge chlorophyll holding sites that use photosynthesis to provide your plant with energy to help in the production of bud. I always attempt to move and pin back the leaves using ties so that undergrowth can get light. I know that sometimes you HAVE to cut some growth and that is ok. Just bear in mind that each fan leaf puts out a lotta energy for your bud production. If I need to trim I try to just cut half the leaf off (if that is possible) so the undergrowth gets light. Now, pruning bud sites is a whole different matter and I DO advise selectively pruning to help the choice buds get more of the plants resources. Hope that helps


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    I only remove leaves that have to go - those blocking bud sites or any that touch the soil. When I trim I remove the fingers and leave the main part of the leaf if possible. Anything else stays. They not only produce energy for the plant but they also serve as an energy and moisture reserve. As the plant matures it will draw food from the leaves and direct it to the bud sites. For the same reason I do not remove any leaves until they are brown and dry. I prefer that they fall off themselves. I do remove bud sites from the bottom of the plant and some leaves under the screen (scrog), but not many.

    This topic has been discussed to death. A quick search reveals many threads on this site along. Try for a dedicated mmj search engine that will help with your research.
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