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Discussion in 'Texas (TX)' started by CheebaDude, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. CheebaDude

    CheebaDude Registered+

    What up my fellow tokers and smokers, I am new to D-Town and would like to hookup with some peeps who enjoy the green as much as i do, so i thought this would be a good place to start my search. So hola at the dude and let me in on some tex-anja (texas ganja).

    The Dude
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  2. gr0ingCrack

    gr0ingCrack Registered

    dfw area!

    cant exactly smoke right now...
  3. Big Calhoun

    Big Calhoun Registered+

    Welcome to Dallas. I'm not a native Texan, I just play one on TV.

    I guess you gotta figure that they say Dallas is adding 365 new residents within Dallas proper every day. At least 1 or 2 of them gotta be smokers! :thumbsup:
  4. htown88

    htown88 Registered

    i used to live in dallas, and they got some dank down there...
  5. TXmazda

    TXmazda Registered

    i'm in dallas too, well not currently. Out of the country for a bit. But yeah ... i've gotten some nice stuff in dallas ... my girl's been getting white rhino from Tyler, Tx while I was gone, she said it was good.
  6. gr0ingCrack

    gr0ingCrack Registered


    but its turning into dallas
  7. blenderheaded

    blenderheaded Registered

    I'm in the area. Also, looking for friends!
  8. krwcowboy

    krwcowboy Registered

    my bad

    Hey guys, I'm just looking for friends to hang with in the area. New around here and bored...
  9. hempplaya

    hempplaya Registered+

    i'm up in lewisville but go to college in arlington
  10. trycatchscenario

    trycatchscenario Registered

    Whats up!

    I am in the carrollton area. New to texas originally from PA just looking for new friends. Hit me up. I am a musician as well.

    Heres my myspace:


    My aim is : trycatchscenario
  11. onwardthroughthefog

    onwardthroughthefog Registered+

    Welcome to DFW. I hope you have a great start to living here. I asked you at your other post....do you play in a local band? I noticed your musical influences, and you have excellent taste in music!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the wintry blast.
  12. trycatchscenario

    trycatchscenario Registered

    OhxMuffins I love you!! :)
  13. on_second_thought

    on_second_thought Registered+

    Dallas here! Bordering Garland area. How's it going everyone? I've been around for awhile, but this is a new name I'm using now. Seems like there's a lot more Texans coming in these days. :stoned:
  14. radiantly01

    radiantly01 Registered+

    Hey everybody!

    Figured I would chime in as well... I am new to Texas (from the midwest) and just moved to Frisco. I am a musician also, albeit a struggling one! I am radiantly01 on yahoo and AOL; feel free to message me. I am looking for nice people to meet who also puff tasty nuggets. I have met lots of people here so far, but most seem to be pretty conservative about that stuff. Look forward to hearing from you!
  15. landonmc

    landonmc Registered

    Don't know where to get any

    Whats going on I'm new to the dallas area also. I moved from MS and have ran out of the white widow that i brought with me, so now looking for a dealer. But i've been warned to be careful not like the small town I'm from. if you know anything let me know landonmclendon23@gmail.com:Rasta:
  16. BigBuds214

    BigBuds214 Registered

    I've got 24 hr access ... U know whT to do
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