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Discussion in 'Texas (TX)' started by simplestyle3, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. simplestyle3

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    Hey all! I'm new to the site and to Dallas, and I'm enjoying the hell out of both. I've been really frustrated lately though b/c I'm out of bong cleaner and I haven't seen any places to buy more. I actually just heard a radio plug on the commute that was for a place called the Gas Pipe? I think it was in Arlington though...

    At any rate, if anyone can help me out with the know on a friendly head shop it would be greatly appreciated. I KNOW there's some cats on this site that can appreciate a clean rip.

    Hope to talk to some of you more!
  2. SomeDude

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    If you give me a better idea of where you're at I can probly give you a few places to go to. The gas pipe is ok, but there is one closer than arlington. There's also a bunch of little import shops that have a head shop section in them too, so yeah, like I said before I started rambling, give me a better idea of where you're at and I can tell you where some places are.
  3. simplestyle3

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    I'm down sort of between Mockingbird and White Rock Lake. I found the Gas Pipe on Skillman north of 635. It's a pretty nice place. Fair selection of Roor's which is awesome to see. There were only two shops in Ohio that sold Roors and they were vastly overpriced. (does vastly work there? sounds sorta funny...)
    At any rate, that place is cool and they sell a good amount of hydro gardening supplies so you know...
  4. TXmazda

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    there's a place on greenville, can't recall the name, lower greenville about half a block before the taco C ... there's another gas pipe on maple ... i think it's on maple ... the gas pipe on skillman has better prices than the one on maple though, at least on the papers I got last week. "Pouches" I know this is off topic, but for a person just learning to roll pouches are great. good luck finding a shop.
  5. dboy

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    there's a place on Main St. in deep ellum

  6. onwardthroughthefog

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    There is a new place on Central Expressway in Plano. I found it through a yahoo yellow pages search. I can't recall the name, but it's a nice store and very new.

  7. simplestyle3

    simplestyle3 Registered+

    Interesting. Do you remember what cross street it was close to? I've been shopping at the Gas Pipe on Skillman... I like that place a lot, but the blown glass is a little lacking. I'm glad to see there's a local place to pick up hydro needs though! I wonder if people are just growing tomatoes... if so I hope they're the same strain as the ones on the cover of the Observer last week lol.
  8. onwardthroughthefog

    onwardthroughthefog Registered+

    I don't recall a cross street. It's on the west side of Central, in a strip mall. It's pretty new, very clean, and the staff is MUCH friendlier than the folks at the Skillman Gaspipe. I much prefer the Arlington location if I want to go to the Gaspipe. The dudes at the Skillman store are a bunch of burned out assholes most of the time. The guys (and gals) in Arlington have always been extremely cool to me. And I've gone there since close to 25 years ago.

  9. chrisinallen

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    Was it this store?

    Could the one in Plano be called Retro or something like that? Big peace sign on the marquee? Ive never been in there but its at 75 and 15th west side of the access road. Its next to an old gas station and some car service places. Like I said Ive never been there, but always wondered what the place was. When I seen the post I thought that had to be the place. Ill have to check it out sometime. Id like to find me a nice glass pipe. Id like to have a nice little pipe to use when I have something to use with it. I just never got into metal or wooden pipes cause I didnt like the taste. I hear glass is the way to go.
  10. onwardthroughthefog

    onwardthroughthefog Registered+

    That's the place!! The front room confuses people at first, as you don't see anything but t-shirts, clothing, and other merchandise. You have to show ID to enter the back room where the things you're looking for are kept.

    It's a very clean, well stocked store, from what I could tell. I've only been inside twice, but each time the guys working were very polite and professional.

  11. simplestyle3

    simplestyle3 Registered+

    Awesome. I'll have to check it out this week! Also, on the subject of head shops... anyone ever try Salvia?
  12. onwardthroughthefog

    onwardthroughthefog Registered+

    Yes, I answered you on your other post. Hope you enjoy!

  13. simplestyle3

    simplestyle3 Registered+

    Checked out Retro today. Cool shop! Thanks for the advice!
  14. onwardthroughthefog

    onwardthroughthefog Registered+

    Glad you liked it! It's a nice alternative to the Pipe. Plus it's a lot closer to me and the folks are a lot nicer, or at least they were to me.

    Hope you got something you can put to GOOD use!!! :stoned:

  15. simplestyle3

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    Ok, I know this is an old thread... and I've been shopping at Retro Revolution for a little while now... but I was there again today and I just have to say...

    My favorite head shop . (period).

    Those cats are great. Sure, they make two people look at my license every time, but they're just great. And the inventory is top of the line all around.

    Go there...
    1627 N Central Expy
    Plano, TX 75075
    (972) 881-1870

    Oh... but not before 11.
  16. SomeDude

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    Retro revolution is a good store, but not if you're bargain shopping. If you want to find something for a good price there's a store on harry hines called public wholesale that has a big "head shop" section. You can get downstems for $2 and I got a hand pipe for 20 when similar ones are going for 30-40 at head shops. They have pretty good deals on hookas too sometimes.

    They don't have the greatest selection, but it does change a lot, and you can ask what else he has back there and the guy pulls out all kinds of stuff that's not on display. Anyway, I reccommend you check this place out. It's between denton drive and harry hines near forest lane intersects them. There's a little ghetto shopping center called "shopper's alley" and thats where public wholesale is.
  17. Nikita123

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    Yea I think I bought my pipe there.... Good place...The

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