damn, this is it for dc folks?

Discussion in 'U.S. District of Columbia (DC)' started by cacayjunasian, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. cacayjunasian

    cacayjunasian Registered+

    it explains everything
  2. GraziLovesMary

    GraziLovesMary Registered+

    So fuck... lets represent goddamnit!
  3. psteve

    psteve Registered+

    Go down to 930 and sign some folks up!
  4. cacayjunasian

    cacayjunasian Registered+

    personally i don't like 930, and i didn't think the crowd enjoyed similar hobbies :thumbsup:
  5. skinnyric

    skinnyric Registered

    Is it me or is REG really cheap now

    Wow, guys are talking 11.50 a lb. out here. some of it is seedy and but atleast it aint smashed up.
  6. cacayjunasian

    cacayjunasian Registered+

    that is pretty cheap. but i'm a bit snobby and try to stay far away from the regs. :thumbsup:
  7. GraziLovesMary

    GraziLovesMary Registered+

    No shit!! Steve I didnt know you were in the DC area too! God damn alot of the more active members seem to be from DC that kicks ass. Makes me sad that Im moving soon :(
  8. srmjjg

    srmjjg Registered

    diggin the Magritte.

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