Dangers of Tinfoil?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Ramagamma, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Ramagamma

    Ramagamma Registered

    I know this has probably been said numerous times before but i' just wanna go over it again.

    I've been smoking for about a year, in fact almost exactly a year. I always use tinfoil but I've heard bad things about it. Whats are the bad effects of smoking from tinfoil and waht could I use as an alternative?
  2. YES

    YES Registered+

    Do you mean you use a bowl as tinfoil? I dont think is good if your burning the tinfoil.

    To have an awsome bowl, and ive asked this question many times before i found one, juts get a socket head wrench. Pop a screen down in it and theres your bowl.

    You can attache different sizes to different thing. I use one for my gravity bong. One for this pipe i made. And one fore my bong. If you find some plastic or metal tubing around the house or hardware store you'll be set.

    I hope this helped, if you didnt understand just tell me and ill try to explain it better.
  3. gjayde

    gjayde Registered+

    bro if u r stuck smokin off shitty tinfoil u already smokd a good half your cells away man 4 fucks sake get off yo as and grab 2 coke bottles 2 turn in2 a bucket bong bro anything but tinfoil shit.....
  4. DayTripper420

    DayTripper420 Registered

    i was stuck in your shoes for a while man, the trick is,...for me at least ...my dad has a shop im my basement. try aND FIND MAYBE A "FITTING" ya know something solid metal....cause i smoked tinfoil for 3 months stright unless i got lucky. and i started gettin killer headachs....if your despersate find a metal led lpencil and make a one-hitter outa it.....good luck bro
    here's an idea roll a joint! traceing paper!
  5. roll it up

    roll it up Registered+

    ya know how if u dent a soda can and poke holes with a tac or w/e on the indent and u put the weed there,well is that dangerous too?cuz one of my friend dont got a bowl and i aint gunna give him one so he smokes off of soda cans.is it gunna like kill him
  6. bowlsnapper2012

    bowlsnapper2012 Registered+

    dude that is so bad for u to smoke off of a can cuz u smoke the paint too
  7. Encatuse

    Encatuse Registered

    Damn dude. Bowls are so easy to make that it's dumb to smoke off tinfoil or cans. Unless you live in an insanely tiny town then there just isnt an excuse. Here's three easy ways I've made bowls:

    1.Using a Ratchet head and a screen that I stole off the bottom of a small pipe @ work.
    2.Using a brass pipe size changer thing and a screen, bought for a total of $2.79 at hardware store.
    3.Ripped the top off an old coaxial cable ((The cable you plug into the back of your tv for cable)) and just superglued a part of it so it didnt have any moving parts.

    I'm sure there are a million other ways to make bowls man. Be creative and don't make em outta shit that's gonna kill your braincells. Or just roll a joint.

  8. Kid Dynamite

    Kid Dynamite Registered+

    What the fuck? I dont get u people. I either use very different bongs than you, or i am getting confused (happens often) Why cant you simply buy some pipe/bong screens from a ganja shop? Sure tinfoil is free, but screens dont give you cancer.
  9. Mello.as.Hello

    Mello.as.Hello Registered+

    drizzle drazzle.

    Man, I gotta side with Kid Dynamite here. Even ratchet heads and brass fittings are types of metal (usually combination metals) and when heated release several VERY dangerous things. I have a bong I made with a ratchet, so I'm really nobody to talk, but it's definitely safer to smoke out of glass.. Just borrow a dollar here, 2 there until you can buy a nice pure glass bong. That's where it's at son.

    I'm gonna go smoke out of my sobe bottle with fish hosing, duct tape and a ratchet head. Woop dee doo.
  10. downXwithXtheXclown

    downXwithXtheXclown Registered+

    what? i never even knew that was fucking dangerous thats what i always use.!!!!

    but i cant buy a bong because my parents would find it so i just buy some shit at a hardware store? should it be metal or what?
  11. UserName AlphaNiner

    UserName AlphaNiner Registered+

    get papers -_-
  12. Imotep

    Imotep Registered+

    what brass cones are bad?
    ah well probably... :)
    how about lighter gases? are they bad? :)
  13. Mello.as.Hello

    Mello.as.Hello Registered+

    "phlurp". That's exactly what I said.

    To be entirely honest, I'm pretty sure smoking ANYTHING is bad for you somehow. I say if you can't afford a nice piece, then get some papers and learn to roll, bro. Keep your lungs clean for the green.
  14. shogun

    shogun Registered+

    Here's a little info that may help, glass is best, but we can't all afford it(it's all I smoke out of) if you must use metal, steer clear of the following, foil-not only does it burn away and end up in your lungs, but there are chemicals coating it(hold a lighter to a piece for a couple seconds and look at the smoke that comes off)
    NEVER SMOKE OUT OF GALVANIZED STEEL!!!! I can't stress this enough, when galvanized steel is heated, it releases cianide gas, bad juju there.
    Copper is also bad
    Brass and steel are your best bets as far as metal goes.
  15. Mello.as.Hello

    Mello.as.Hello Registered+

    the rules

    This is what I've been using (when I can't use my pure glass bong, because of "security" risks)..

    Sobe bottle with fish tubing, a pen for the tube under the bowl, and a ratchet head/ pipe screen combo. It works great, and when you blow the smoke through a doob tube, ain't nothing but laundry smell.

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  16. downXwithXtheXclown

    downXwithXtheXclown Registered+

    what if you smoke out of a wooden bowl is that bad for you?
  17. slinger

    slinger Registered

    pop can

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