Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by thebileball, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. thebileball

    thebileball Registered+

    has anyone here had it ??
    its literally black but not like dried stressy black like nuce kushy sticky black nugs with this beautiful gray hair...??
  2. stoned88911

    stoned88911 Registered+

    lets see some pics of that, sounds delicious
  3. TheHappyCamper

    TheHappyCamper Registered+

    c'mon bileball!! you can't leave a description like that and not post any pics. photos of the dark side nugz you must take.--sorry, bad yoda impersonation.:D
  4. stoned88911

    stoned88911 Registered+

  5. Neko150

    Neko150 Registered+

    Wow - sounds amazing!!! Offered at any So Cal dispensaries?
  6. notsure82

    notsure82 Registered

    Santa Ana Patients Group as of June 1. Really fruity strain
  7. thebileball

    thebileball Registered+

    yeah man i know for some reason i didnt think to take a pic...
    maybe cos i was too stoked on smokin it lol

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