Day 25 and Pistils brown & dying!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by CaliJay, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. CaliJay

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    Please help ASAP. I read a lot and have never seen a symptom of a problem like this.
    Here is the info..

    Day 25 flower, pistils have been browning and shriveling for 4-5 days now. I did some tying down of branches and thought it might be bruising at first but it has continued to slowly progress.

    Strain is a mostly indica WW cross with an unknown.

    Co2 at 1400 ppm

    Temps 85-90 day at 1 in. above canopy / 65-70 night

    Humidity - 40-50 lights on / 60-70 lights off

    Lights 1000 w HPS 15 inches from plants

    Resi - 80 gallon with 2 pumps for delivering water to plants, 1 heater set at 75f and 2 air pumps with bubbler stones.

    PH - 5.8-6.3 usually around 6.0

    Substrate - Top feed, Coco Coir&perlite 50/50, 2gal mesh bottoms.
    Nutes - Canna Flora 500ppm
    FF Big Bloom 300ppm
    PBP Bloom 300ppm
    Superthrive - As recommended 4 maintainence
    Cal-Mag 350 ppm
    B1 Thrive Alive - As recommended 4 maintainence

    Foliar Fed - 4 or 5 days ago with Superthrive,neem,wetting agent,pyrethrins, and Earthjuice catalyst solution.

    Changed resi out 3 days ago after 3 weeks of adding back.

    I have been looking at some other grows with optimum conditions and they seem to be farther along than me at 25 days. Please tell me if you think I am lagging on flower production.

    I had a problem with some defiencies and burned some leaves and had some chlorosis a couple weeks ago I though I sorted it out with Cal Mag supplementation because my tap is only at 33 ppm but the burnt leaves and chlorosis are getting worse again. It is happening on older but not the oldest fan leaves. New green growth appears to be slowing but healthy.

    One thought I am kicking around is that this is from an imbalance prior to changing my resi 3 days ago and is just playing out now.

    Here are the pics....

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  2. CaliJay

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    More pics...

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  3. kindprincess

    kindprincess Registered+

    babe, you look good for day 25, though it looks like heat stress to me... kinda like sunburn. i'd go with straight water for a few days, or just wait and see. mine are at an inbetween stage, but havent gotten worse in about two weeks.

    i know that you can run hotter temps with co2, but you may want to consider lowering down gradually, like fall weather. mine are nearing the end, and the colder it gets, the better they do.

    sorry i can't be of more help, i'm only just about to get my feet wet, if you know what i mean...

    did you get my present?

    love, kp:p
  4. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    damn your getting GOOD!!


    Hey CALI...

    It appears that there has been some over feeding and high temperatures (heat stress).. see the way the leaves are pointing up.. that means it is to hot ... and the tips of the leaves being brown is a sign of over feeeding...

    your plants still look GREAT...

    Often pistils will turn red or brown prematurely when they get pollenated... could that have happened?

  5. razzapiggy

    razzapiggy Registered+

    Knowm to the rescue! Hope everything works out for ya CaliJay. Keep us posted
  6. luvtogrow

    luvtogrow Registered+

    I've seen that in my grows under 2 conditions. One being hermie flower somewhere in the group, the other from leaves hitting flowers from fan blowing. I don't use much fert, but sure that could be a cause too.
  7. CaliJay

    CaliJay Registered+

    Thanks crew!! I guess I am just an impatient noob:(

    I was running on redline...Too many ferts...Too hot(lights at 15 inches and)
    just trippin on progress.

    Got to run.. Love all, Jay

    KP Don't sweat it kepp your eyeys toward the mail box:D
  8. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    KP getting mad LOVE!!!

  9. Caligreen

    Caligreen Registered+

    Hey Calijay, things are looking well. I am impressed with your grow. How are your utility bills? I think I am in a simliar zone. PG&E really likes to screw you with the energy costs. 22 cents a kwh for every hour over 300kwh, ouch! that more than double the baseline cost. I have been popping fuses like crazy recently, thats probably a bad sign.
  10. kindprincess

    kindprincess Registered+

    jay, sweetie, just noticed that you are foliar feeding? you may want to stop now... in my exp, anything sprayed on the flowers, even water can cause the pistils to die (turn brown) you should, however, see plenty of new white hairs, especially if you got your temps down... i'm in the exact same boat with one of my bb's; used safer's, might not have been a good idea... i'm now going to try the no pest stripps.

    i'll be anxiously awaiting the postman (and so will my dog...)i'll let you know when i hear something, also let me know if that comes through for you...

    love, kp:p

    gk, still love you sweetie;) and thanx for the compliment:p

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