Day 73 of flowering.. 1 plant went to veg? Not ready other are.. HELP PLEASE!!!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by cruela, May 20, 2017.

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    - First off all this is my first grow after lots of research, a lot conflicting with others ect.. -
    So I've had all my White Widows in flowering for 73 days now, I have a complete log of every day what I did. at the early stages of flowering I didn't have my flowering room 100% light sealed (it was around 83%-90% light sealed) the other room where light was coming from was a 1200w LED in veg mode (using ~370w-420w), my PVC plastic wasnt taped on the one side closest to the wall (the one where my plant I think went into re-veg for a short period) I taped it all up around day 35 of Flowering, but as I said it wasn't that much light at all. The only other factors are that was the only plant in a FULL soil pot, the others were in Walmart bag/Other breathable bag, and those ones look like they are about ready (50%+ amber, trich. just turning milky... so maybe they got some of the light too and went back into veg for a short period? Idk im confused and really need help, any help is MUCH appreciated, as today was the a day I was supposed to harvest. I will post pictured of how much light is getting through now, and I will post pictures of all 4 plants and how the thrich. looked under a 100x microscope. The flowering room has 5x 64W T5HO SunBlaster lights under it (320w total). and am able to put 4x 4 gal pots under them.. wish I had room for more, have too many plants in veg now that are getting pretty tall, some getting a TINY bit of light burn but I just supercrop/LST them down.. Still I wish I could fit more in my flowering room (6 would be nice) but the space is just too small... As you will see with the pictures, I will post them in a minute when I take them.

    - OH Also I forgot to mention, I had my T5HO lights 1" away from my plants, not realizing they had to be 5"+ away from the tops until day 61.

    Any theories/help would be VERY much appreciated, what should I do?
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    Overpacked Veg room:
    Picture of size of Flowering room:
    Light that comes through NOW:
    1st plant furthest from other side of light coming though:
    Plant that was closest to the wall (moved to middle now), the 2 top colas in the back are the ones that look least developed, pistons sticking straight out):
    Other plant in walmart bag (walmart bag, inside of 4G pot):

    Hmm I'm going to turn the light on for a second to get better pics of the plant that I think went into re-veg, or idk whats wrong with it.. at this point it should be ready to harvest but pistons still sticking straight out (some of them ~40%)

    EDIT: Actually i dont want to turn lights on atm, maybe when they turn on ill take more pics if someone can't help with whats wrong
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    I tried to edit it but It's been 15 minutes, I forgot to add how the trichs. look under 100x microscope (25 year old microscope, not the best but works). Even the other plants trichs. look glassy with "black" strings running through them (could be microscope its very very old). Some of the trichs. are full mushroom head, some are just balls, some are just beginning to ball... they have "black" lines going through them and some have black triich heads... I'm confused, its time to harvest (well from what the strain says "2 weeks") its been 73 days so 10.42 weeks...\

    Also I started to flush them 10 days ago now (flushed today, 3rd flushing) I water the plants when needed now, I used to water them every 2 days (1 neut, then next reg. filtered water, then neut, repeat) until I realized I was watering them.. a little bit too much (maybe a lot too much due to some dying leaves on the bottom of my veg plants/leaves turning yellow).
    Can someone please tell me whats going on? If any additional photos or info required please ask and I will supply ASAP...
    Any help at all is MUCH appreciated, as I don't know what to do.. its 10.5 weeks in (it says 11 weeks max for white widows.. I think some light coming through may have put them back into a semi veg state... idk, maybe some of you pros can help me out.) As I stated above it's my first grow, got all info from LOTS of constant research, but really need help now and don't know what to do hence the post)
    With Love :rastasmoker:

    [EDIT] I forgot to mention just incase this helps, I noticed the walmart bags in pots have some cold root problems (shouldnt of put them in pots) so all of my flowering plants have heating pads under them atm (even the one (that re-veged (i think) that isnt in a bag, just pot)). I had a bagin a pot in my veg room with wilting leaves starting on the top of my plant, put a heating pad under and it fixed it in a day, so I figured have my flowering ones that are in bags in pots to have heating pad under them as well)
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    I wanted to add when flushing the water pH was always ~6.3 pH. Idk why the heating pad under the veg'ing plant in a walmart bag, in a pot was giving me wrinckled leaves at the top (usually starts at the bottom), but when I put the heating pad under it it cured the veg room plant in 1-2 days. It might have been that the pot PLUS the bag was making more water say in. But I have ONE plant that is JUST in a walmart bag, it did the same thing and was cured the same way (heating pad underneath).
    I noticed the walmart bags (even though I punched ~10+ holed in them at the bottom with a screw driver) seem to never overflow as if they are keeping the water in there somehow even with 10+ holes punched into them. I'm probably going to stay way from "breathable" bags atm and just keep how I usually do (except for the ones in flowering the only one in a pot in soil is the one that is way behind it's schedule (or turned to re-veg) because they seem to hold the water in or something...

    I know it's ok to cut away the top's to let the bottom nugs grow out a little, on 3/4 of the plants the tops could be cut away, but ofc on my tallest plant is the one that has gotten "extra light in flowering/re-vegg'ed" and I need to have the light 5"+ away (320w (5x 62w T5HO)) unless I put that one at one at the end and skew the lights so they are on an angle would work.. But I still want to figure out what the main problem is... whats is going on.. its time to finish flowering but the pot that was not in a bag AND a pot (just in a pot with soil) may have gotten a LITTLE extra light from veg room before I sealed it off more (still.... wasn't getting that much extra light.....) and the trich's are a tiny bit cloudy with bigger mushroom heads on the ones that were "out of the" incoming 5% light. but still .. not very clopudy as I have seen in other pics... wish I could take a pic from my microscope but cant... as I said the "non re-vegged ones (or w.e. the problem is) have semi cloudy trichs with black stripes through it and some blackish heads (microscope is 25+ years old, so not too great) not sure if its just the lighting of the microscope (has a mirror,. old type so got lighting from incandescent bulb).

    As I said if any other info is needed don't hesitate to ask, once my lights turn back on in flowering I will take more pics of the one that I think was re-vegged for a short while with pistons still sticking up and post them. Any help is very much appreciated. Anyone?

    I have ben using GO Organics neuts indoor soil. veg room 1200w LED, flowering 5x 62w T5HO (320w). I am a first time grower, and shouldn't have gotten an 1200w light, at its max didstance from the top of the ceiling it gives 2.5 foot plants some light burn, i just super crop them, till I can put in Flowering but also have another problem now, as I can oly put 4 plants in flowering and have 13 left in veg (after the ones in flowering are done (4 in now))..

    Also another problem i've encountered is 2 of my plants (all from seeds bought online, all female, non auto flowering) have started flowering in my veg room!!! I will take pics if anoyone can help describe what s going on.
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    NEW Advancement: Due to my crappy old microscope, I've found out that a lot of the "BLACK" was just un-zoomed/magnified to show it's right color, and ALL of the trichromes have some amber in the mushroom heads.. After playing w the microscope for an hour I finally got it calibrated right... So.... on a plant with pistons sticking 60% straight out (well slightly less now) and with amber trichromes, is it safe to cut them down and start drying/curing?
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    So big advancement from my last one, even though no replies yet... the "black" parts I was seeing were from an un-adjusted microscope. I got some of my good ganj that I bought (cured/dried/very potent) and put it under the microscope once I had the lens at the right closeness it turned from black to amber, on the new and on my trichromes...
    So how is it I have a plant that has amber trichromes but still has 30% pistons sticking up (less every day now, was ~40% yesterday) like it was a new flowering plant. Im guessing because it got into some point or re-veg with the light coming through? I just need to know if its safe to harvest now or not... according to the trichromes it is... but according to the pistons it still has a week+
    Does anyone have an explanation for this and what to do? (harvest now/wait/what?)
    Many thanks in advance.
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    Yeah got my microscope working apparently if it's out of focus it looks black, when you get it in focus it turns the real color, the black lines were milkyness and the black mushroom heads were cloudy, and the real black ones till I focused in were amber (20% amber trics). But seriously.. how can my plants look like this with 20-40% pistils still sticking up even though the trics are mature can be harvested in ~3-4 more days (2 weeks of flush) or NOW? Have any of you eve seen anything like this before?
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    I'm thinking of harvesting plant 1, or at least the tops of plant 1 since it is and looks ready.... I just want to know if it's safe to harvest the others when the pistons look new (60-80%) pistons sticking straight out... Is it the strain, has someone seen anything like this? Is it ok to harvest the other plants or should I just wait and leave them there longer?
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    Anyone? please, its 2 days till week 11.. and I dont know what to do.
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    Well I made the choice of cutting the tops off and letting the lower parts get light for a couple more days (1-4), they are in the dry box. If someone can help explain what happened to me I'll post pics of them dried & then cured.
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    I'm sorry no one has answered. This site used to be a robust site, with several really good growers available to answer you. Now it's really hard to 'reply', and there is a lot of spam. Even I don't come here often.

    A few dying leaves on the bottom of a mature plant is normal. It's expended it's value for the lower leaves, and is abandoning them. Judge the plant for how it's growing towards the top.

    White hairs on the bud tell you that it's still growing bud. Don't make a decision on when to harvest based on something written on how long it'll take during flowering. Make your decision based on the stage of the trichomes, and if the plant is doing things like 'aging all of it's leaves. Some varieties will have top leaves turn purplish, or fall colors. I found that the plants next to my swamp cooler would turn colors, and it would be really pretty!

    If you're growing all the same variety, and have some plants pushing larger buds, it's because of two things: a difference of light in the area, and a difference in nutrients/soil. If you have those items identical everywhere, your plants will respond nearly the same.

    Your light 'leaks' are so minimal, it probably didn't effect anything. Although I'm not saying it's impossible. Plants in outdoor grows have to face moon light from full moons, and it doesn't seem to affect them. Sometimes I would have to go into my blooming room during the dark period, maybe to fix something, and I would just do it as quickly as possible and get the lights back off.

    From pictures I see of many 'first time growers', it seems like many are so anxious to harvest, and they don't have several grows under their belt, that they harvest too early. Read up on what color you should expect your trichomes to be. 'Clear' means they're still growing.. WAIT! 'Cloudy' means they're getting ready. 'Amber' means they are ready. But you don't want 100% amber. And the entire plant may not all be alike. The top ones will likely mature first. Yes, if you want, you can start harvest by just cutting the top branches, and wait a few days for more. Different folks will tell you how much amber they like. I'd say no more than 50% amber.

    The last 4 pictures in your post show buds that are no where near ready to harvest. Lots of white hairs showing bud growth. I suspect you could benefit by getting a new hand held illuminated microscope. They don't cost much. You can use them to examine trichomes under light, and you can use it to look for bugs like mites. You might not have them now, but sometime, you will. If your old microscope didn't illuminate, you likely are not looking at true colors.
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    By the way, in your pictures, I see a lot of yellowing leaves on the plant. This is probably an indication that the plant is robbing nitrogen from the lower part of the plant to feed the top of the plant. Next time, give your plant a fertilizer with a bit more nitrogen, even though you use a bloom fertilizer.
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    Thanks for the reply! I was also thinking the same thing about moon light. I harvested the top colas to let the bottom smaller ones age for 1-5 more days. My old microscope has a mirror on the bottom, I got good light, and after checking again today, the trichromes are mushroom heady (not just sticking out or a small ball, so 1 good sign, also they are cloudy, some very few are amber, so I guess I made the right decision. I will post pics when the drying is done then when curing is done if you want since your the only person that replied and if you want to see them let me know, didn't know this site was dead, but after looking I sorta see it heh. Appreciate the help, let me know if you wanna see the final products :)
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    As you can imagine, I've grown lots so I don't need to see the pics. However, if you do post, it might help someone else coming along who might like to see what happened so that they learn.
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