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Discussion in 'Ohio (OH)' started by Dankhead, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Dankhead

    Dankhead Registered

    Anyone in the area looking to blaze up?
  2. mirvana

    mirvana Registered+

    where are you from in dayton?
  3. sirkills

    sirkills Registered+

    i live in piqua about 30 min. north of dayton
  4. _tyrant

    _tyrant Registered+

    down to blaze i reside in vandalia
  5. Cannabis Rex

    Cannabis Rex Registered

    anybody around here go to Wright State
  6. Balkey

    Balkey Registered+

    I live near Wright State. Graduated from BGSU tho. Beavercreek!!!!!
  7. abdul1a

    abdul1a Registered

    I'm in the Springfield area; needing a hook-up. Any advice?
  8. ryanv1978

    ryanv1978 Registered

    Im near Dayton.

    Always looking for networking opps....just moved out this way from boston
  9. cartel937

    cartel937 Registered

  10. ohcouple08

    ohcouple08 Registered

    I live south here in Warren County, about the same drive to Cincy or Dayton from here. My wife has degenerative arthritis in her back, and the NSAID's for it pretty much kill your kidneys. Frequent visits to the Chiropractor and nightime herb help out.

    If anyone has some extra to spare, would like to hear from you -
  11. torchedx

    torchedx Registered

    gotyah greeen. post
  12. Rjhjthomps

    Rjhjthomps Registered

    In west chester, need a hook up.
  13. cwebb8

    cwebb8 Registered

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