DCFS Drug Test... Help?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by talktostrangers, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. talktostrangers

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    I'm gonna be pee tested in late March or early April
    I stopped 3 days ago when I found out
    but I've been smoking about 5-6 bowls a day everyday for the last 2 months
    so with about 15-21 days of not smoking and drinking 12 cups of water a day and other liquids
    do you think i will pass?
    How can I pass, if not?
  2. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    Kind of doubtful. What your height and weight?
    Have you considered subbing?
  3. talktostrangers

    talktostrangers Registered+

    5'1, 109 lbs
    They watch me carefully
  4. slantedeyes

    slantedeyes Registered+

    If observed which they probably will in your case; follow the dilution sticky the day of the test. Drink gatorade instead of water and piss midstream. Good Luck
  5. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    Start eating a high fiber diet or metamucil and exercise up till a couple days before the UA. And then follow the dillution sticky with gatorade.
  6. talktostrangers

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  7. veggii

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    flush flush flush your system that morning drink a cup o vinegar
    and 1\2gal water after ..many ppl swear by it thats if you can handle the vinegar it'll make ya puke!!!!
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  8. TebitEvas

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    Whoa whoa whoa. NO need to drink vinegar. In fact it's a Terrible idea, it probably will make you puke. I've yet to see ANY evidence supporting vinegar. Some people swear by detox drinks, eye drops, and bleach. Sure DOESN'T mean they're right! Your a very small person with probably (judging by height and weight) a very small amount of body fat. Stick to what 420 told you and what you can find by Deige, FBR, myself and others who don't dish out ludicrous advice. Follow N2's dilution sticky, and after that amount of time you should be fine. I myself am 5'7" 135lbs and I take roughly 10 days to detox after heavy usage. I have many friends around my size who are very similar in their time ranges (of course it depends on metabolism as well). Also, too late for this now but whatever, drinking 12+ cups of water a day will not help you detox quicker than the 8 you should naturally be drinking unless your doing heavy exercise or you have been previously dehydrated. Exercise is the Best (other than time) way to speed the detox process, and if you are racking your body each day you should be up'ing your water intake.
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  9. talktostrangers

    talktostrangers Registered+

    actually i'm not too worried about it...
    my caseworker hasn't even given me the number to call and go yet... I don't really know what's going on with it but it's been 17 days now and I just want to get this shit over with if you know what I mean...
    I wouldn't drink vinegar even if it would help... I'd end up puking everywhere
    so it's been 17 days I don't exercise much at all though... a lot of walking thats about it...
    i've been drinking water and was taking metamucil like 420 said but i started getting weird cramps so now i'm just eating a lot of fiber in breads and cearl ... I think it should be good

    Thanks tho :)

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