Dealer trying to get money off me because my friend owes money?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Timez82, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Timez82

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    Bit of a strange one here...

    I used to have a dealer who I ran a bit of a debt up with - but have now paid off completlly...

    However my friend who I was living with at the time also asked me to ask for credit for smoke - and the dealer agreed over sms (text) - I felt like I had to ask because my friend was right there - they did not have to say yes though - Especially as they did not know them...

    It got to my friend going there themselves without me - and the dealer giving smoke on credit - the last time I did not even know what was going on - at this point it was between them two as they had now met and were doing deals alone...

    My friend has now moved out and did not pay because the dealer had a massive go about me not being in contact (when actually the dealer had lost their phone (how was I suppposed to contact them)...

    As I say my debt is paid - my friends is not...

    The dealer is now harrasing me and making underhanded threats - basiclly holding me resposible for my friends debt (I did say I would pay it myself in the end (because I felt intimidated) and I said my friend will then owe me the money to the dealer)

    However since they have now moved out and I do not know where to - I will not be able to be paid back either - and it is still my friends debt.

    The dealer is now changing the rules and saying they only did it because it was through me - the time in question I did not even have any knowledge of until after it had happend.

    Where do i stand on this? and what would you do?


    My friend owes money to a dealer who was mine and i owed money to - I have paid my debt. - Now being harrased for money as the friend is no longer contactable and has moved out. - What can i do here?

    Thank you.

  2. Swan Town

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    pay him the frieght. Your friend used you to ripoff this guy. Live and learn.
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  3. Timez82

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    They knew it was not my debt though - as I say mine is paid - and they knew it was for my friend (who obv has vanished now so cannot really say that as you say)

    And was meeting them alone without me to do the deal...

    Also I can not afford to pay it - I have messed my money up just paying mine and need to get it back on track again first.

    I still do not think I should have to pay someone elses debt just because they went missing - they knew it was not me getting it...

    They only changed the rules when he did not pay and vanished.

    So you lot would actually pay someone else's debt off - bit much if you ask me...?
  4. Weezard

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    In effect, you co-signed a loan.
    They did not "change the rules"
    You were simply unaware of the rules about vouching for fools
    Now you know why you should never do that.

    Never vouch for losers.
    And never buy on credit
    You now have 2 options.
    Either pay it, or sweat it.
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  5. EvilCartman

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    Are you a man of your word?

    No. I would've kept my mouth shut, in the first place. ;)

    The second amendment could prove helpful, if you're feeling threatened. (if in USA) :D
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  6. gardenermendo

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    You lost a friend.

    You could lose your 'dealer'.

    Do you feel safe? Make your decision based on safety.
  7. Yeah, you need to pay the dealer IMO. Sucks, but you need to do that. Then your "friend" needs to pay you. (I know, good luck with the latter. I get that. But still.)

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