Death penalty for buying weed in China. Wow wow, whyyyy?

Discussion in 'Asia' started by linkchitta1454, Oct 22, 2015.

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    Hello, buddies. Wanna share you this article:

    "Cannabis industry is quite a big one in China, but it refers to using hemp for producing clothing, textiles, bird feed, biodegradable plastics, and as a source of dietary fiber. Hemp has a low content of psychoactive compounds, so it is actually not really the same as marijuana.

    Hemp is legal in China, but hash is not. At the same time, selling hush can cost you your life, while possessing drugs technically is legal. I would not recommend you to try your fortune, though )

    China was on the top of the list in the use of the death penalty. The actual number of execution in the country is still kept a secret, but according to the data of Amnesty International, there are several thousands people that are put to death every year."

    Share your thoughts about hemp status in China...
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    Salutations LinkChitta1454,

    M'well, i'll bet it's simply because the labor providers don't want their workers to get too relaxed, i guess... It happened here in Canada when Henri-Sévérin Béland added "Indian Hemp" to the "schedule", while before that "Indian Hemp" was ruled by the provincial "Loi de Pharmacie" rule (starting in 1885). With the prospect of having cannabis eventually removed from the schedule, hopefully to be managed the same as tobacco and alcohol at worst, more like wine at the S.A.Q. ideally... Anyway, euh... The interresting point to note is that i vaguely recall reading it was actually the Labour Ministry which banned cannabis, as Heath-Canada just didn't exist yet nor even as an equivent, unless i remember incorrectly. In short the minister took action because of workers, not medical patients. Knowing this all you need to ask yourself now is weather or not it's the people's good wealth which Chineese authorities care the most about.

    That's paradoxal considering elsewhere in the world the rumor says some armies started providing cannabis to their soldiers, to help/prevent DPST and such i figure.

    So... Quite frankly, IMO China didn't evolve that much over night, hey!

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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    The world is changing. Someday, I expect marijuana to be legal at the federal level. -I say that because it might take many years for all 50 states to legalize on their own turf.

    But it would signal to the world that cannabis, THC, is a drug that can be regulated instead of being treated as a "high probability for abuse" drug with no medicinal value.

    As history tell us, outlawing marijuana was done for political reasons by Richard Nixon, who's own adviser suggested that treatment for addiction was better than locking people up in prison.

    Would China ever legalize marijuana? The future is always unclear.
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    "The future is always unclear."

    True, but the past is researchable.

    Actually, Harry J. (as in jerk), Anslinger started it with a huge money boost from William R. (as in Rich), Hearst in 1938.

    Tricky Dick is responsible for the starting the DEA and screwing us off the gold standard. :(

    2 shiny pennies.
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    I've watched informational videos on the legality of marijuana, which mostly started in the 30's. But I stand by my contention with Nixon, since he used prison time for marijuana for political gain. A view that was popular until rather recently.
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    Again my friend, I do not dispute that Dick was our worst error.
    But I'm old enough to be the research. :)

    I did prison time in the Kennedy's Camelot.
    There was no DEA, but there were draconian state penalties for simple possession.
    2 -15 years in Ohio for less than 1 gram of Cannabis.
    In my case, 0.1 grams of schwag and 1 charred seed in the bowl of a decorative pipe.
    John Sinclair got 10 years for 2 joints!

    If you were so incautious as to pass a joint to anyone under 18, the penalty was 30 - life.
    That 30 year term was the minimum, and there are still people in prison today for convictions dating back to the '50s.
    They used that in plea bargaining to get guilty pleas for possession without the cost of a trial.
    You did not dare to risk exercising your right to a trial by jury.

    All Dickie really did was steal some potential prisoners of the states when he was pressured by the federal prison lobby.
    Are you aware that it was U.S. pressure that forced most other nations to ban Cannabis.
    Our gummint inserted an anti-cannabis clause in every international treaty.
    And disseminated it's bullshit propaganda to the entire world to assure compliance.
    Don't just take my word for it. Look it up. :)

    Actually being there is the best way to realize how sketchy those "informational videos" are.
    When you see us ancient "heads" cracking up at them, now you can guess why.
    If you wish to know how freaking good you lot have it now? Ask an old fart. :D

    Citizen Wee
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    I've been to Asia, never heard of death penalty for cannabis in China, but heroin and cocaine is another story. Smokage and hash is readily available in Shanghai and easy to find as long as you get it from a foreigner who lives there. The Chinese don't care about foreigners smoking and partaking; they just don't want their citizens being influenced by the western deviants. Never get from a local.
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    Every Republican that served since Eisenhower was a crook. Organized criminals that sold America out to China Time to send the Chinese home
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