deaths due to pot... driving or other activities?

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  1. mgjscdhl

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    I always hear advocates of medical or legalized marijuanna say there are no deaths due to the pot..
    But I'm guessing this means on overdoses, "bad pot" and that? If thats the case, I've been trolling around and wondering if anybody had statistics on canabis and driving deaths or things like that?
    I mean are there less than drunk, more, or do the police actually keep track of canabis driving deaths and other narcotics (legal and not)?

    Thanks for your time

    ps. I did look on google but not found any direct no#s or stats
  2. NextLineIsMine

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    The difficulty in knowing what the stats are in people just getting stoned then driving and crashing is knowing whether they smoked two weeks ago or just finished puffing a huge blunt.

    However in most cases where they find weed in the DUI offenders system, theres usually alcohol too

    Regrettably I know what it is like to be quite under the influence of each while driving. Alcohol makes cocky, weed makes you cautious, the latter is a much better attitude to drive with
  3. ForgetClassC

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    When I got arrested awhile back, I had to do a shock trauma tour for some reason (I really don't get it, I was in my car, but I wasn't even driving), so we went there and they told us this story how these kids were driving around smoking pot, and videotaping themselves while high(these kids were rookie drivers, in fact driver probably just got his license) and they wrecked, all but the driver died. Now it sounds bad, but when you are shown the video, these kids are doing dumbass shit, that of which if you were to be driving sober it would still be looked upon as retarded. Such as the driver looking back towards the kids in the back of the seat, which eventually leads to him wrecking. Now yes, the mj probably made the kids feel like they were the shit, but Darwinism is still in effect people, stupid is as stupid does.
  4. gypski

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    Drunks and cell phone drivers are far more dangerous then a cannabis smoker. Like it was stated above, when stoned, one is more cautious unless they are stupid. :jointsmile:
  5. JohnnyZ

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    Just don't try and smoke a bowl while you're driving. You rear end too many people.
  6. dirtnap411

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    that's what joints are for :jointsmile:
  7. Blazed Deafy

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    I am not sure if this is the truth...I remember reading an article where the alaskan dude was driving while stoned, im not sure if he was puffin while he was driving though, and he ran over some poor old lady and she died. I sincerely hope no one hears abt this and employ this against the legalization of cannabis. Have a merry day!
  8. ForgetClassC

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    Back when I was in high school me and my girl were driving on our way to class. Of course I was smoking a bowl, and while taking a hit, 2 cars infront of me decide they are awesome and start to buck at one another, so, the first car does it and scares the second, then the second does it and looses control and pretty much P.I.T maneuvers a truck that wasn't even involved, causing him to flip so many times I couldn't count, and this is all happening RIGHT in front of me, meaning, no cars or car lengths in front of me (it was crazy I saw the truck flip over and saw the underside, it was nuts). So back to the bowl, as I was lighting the bowl I'm watching this all happen throw the bowl and lighter and swerve like a mother fucker. Now I don't know if they were high either, but that was the stupidest shit I've ever seen.
  9. JohnnyZ

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    That's an awesome story man. I've always wanted to see a car accident happen right infront of me. I'm weird like that.
  10. mgjscdhl

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    damn... thats one fu-ked up video forgetclassc and freaky accident. shit! It resembles so much of the commercial (to me) I almost want to lol. I got the impression they were frigging around in the car, and maybee they were videotaping. Unfortunately I can't find the video anywhere online to verify that. Certainly if a bunch of teens, or newly licensed -- or poor drivers -- will have less than ideal skills.

    Definitely think if you are smoking a bowl, or a bong or something that may not help but a blunt or joint is like smoking and should be able to concentrate on the road.

    I don't know about everyone else but I don't feel "delayed" reactions, I just feel relaxed and giddy -that word sounds...- but mind you I've never driven when I can't/shouldn't
  11. ForgetClassC

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    It was definitely awesome, sucks for the dude driving, I didn't hear anything in the news about a death so that was good.

    I've always wanted to see like a plane blow up in the air.....preferably an un-maned cargo plane, but something in the air.

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