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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by conch420, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. conch420

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    i was just wondering if decarboxylating (sp?) pot will have any extra effects when smoked? they say to do it to increase the thc for extacts, but does the thc get dcarbolated when it is smoked or does it happen over time? im think about doing it to a couple buds when i pick up tomorro, and wanted to know if it was worth it..
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  2. TurnyBright

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    sorry dude i got no fuckin idea
  3. JaggedEdge

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    I don't even know what you are talking about. Granted there is a lot I don't know, but that may as well have been written in French... Sorry bro, I can't help.

    Remove a carboxyl group from (a chemical compound.) That helps me out none but I'm sure there will be people able to help.
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  4. Nochowderforyou

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    You have to speak the language of a pothead. Dumb it down a little. :p

    I';m guessing you're asking about making an cannabis extract? That's either hash or oil. Keep in mind that a few buds, like 1-2grams, will only make about .1-.6 of a gram of either, which is very little.

    Just do a search on how to make hash or oil if that's what you're after. It's been posted a hundred times before, so use the search feature at the top of the screen. :)
  5. conch420

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    no in master wu's recepie for green dragon he talks about it for his green dragon and i just wanted to know if it changes the effects of the high.
  6. Snorbel

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    yeah it can make the weed stronger, but it might be harsher to smoke.
  7. darkside

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    what he means is heating the bud to activate more THC. i think it might make the smoked effects stronger. when your smoking bud it does not have time to fully activate all the THC because you are simply burning it, not giving it time to fully convert or decarboxylate the other cannabinoids into pure THC. try it and see and post back
  8. conch420

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    Well, tonight i tryed to do it in my toser oven and it sunk the hell out of my dorm room..:stoned: so i took it outand thew fish stick in it and sprayed axe evry where.. the epot was in there for a bit and it was good it was at 220 degrees and stuff it was all crisp and i thought i fucked it up but i got waaaaaay high it was crazy and lasted much longer, definately worth it but it is too risky with the smell..
  9. Coelho

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    it works :stoned:
  10. tonyp

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    i dont believe removing a carboxyl group from marijuana would have any affect. I'm trying to think of how you would even do it???

    you can weaken a polar carboxyl (hydrogen, for that matter) bond with ethers or alcohols, but you'd obviously ruin your marijuana. not to mention, it has to be done in the vapor phase (i think).

    stick with putting it in your pipe and smoking it.
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  11. darkside

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    how long did you heat it and at what temp
  12. conch420

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    about 200 F (approx) i read an article on like canabis cultures site and that was the temp it said thca is converted into thc, yeah my high last a bit longer and the first 10 minist was pertty intese, it was worth it..
  13. Coelho

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    the weed, specially when its fresh, recently harvested, have great amounts of THCA (tetrahydrocannabinoic acid), which is inactive. with the passing of time, or by the process of curing, it slowly releases CO2, turning into THC. the decarboxylation we do is just to acelerate this process, heating the weed at a suitable temperature, to help this reaction to occur fast, and thus increase (sometimes dramatically) the amount of THC in the weed.

    more detailed references of the cannabinoids chemistry can be found in:

    Robert A. Nelson: Hemp Husbandry ~ Cannabinoid Chemistry (Ch 6)
  14. Non

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    I've tried this in the oven and it seemed to work for my schwag made it a bit dryer. I put it on 200 degrees for about 10-15 mins made it a hell of a lot dryer but I felt a noticeable change in the high making me more awake than tired. I thought putting it for a lesser amount of time like 5-10 mins in a pan broken up a gram or 2 and spread out but not too spread apart the point is to heat evenly.

    There are other ways which may be better though, I found these 2 links and 2 facts.

    Heating dried marijuana makes the carboxyl group convert into water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). When marijuana is smoked, the burning eliminates the carboxyl group. There are several ways to decarboxylate marijuana for use in extracts. A layer of marijuana buds or leaf can be placed in an oven at 150 degrees for 15 minutes. This is far below the boiling point of THC yet warm enough to evaporate the carboxyl group. Another method of releasing the COOH is by placing a bowl of buds in the microwave for 2 minutes. The waves will boil away the water. The boiling point of marijuana's active cannabinoids ranges from 260-392 degrees F.



    The liquid THC and other cannabinoids have a boiling point of between 180-200° C (355-392° F). Before they turn gaseous, at around 106° C (220° F), the carboxyl group is released from the molecule as carbon dioxide and water vapor.

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  15. xmordeciax

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    thats a crazy idea... and it amkes complete sense as to why it would work... i think i might try this next time i pick up. Is it worth it to do it with headdies tho? It usually is cured prety well regardless
  16. Non

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    well in one of those links it has a method of decarboxylation by 'curing'...
  17. fauxsho

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    Ok, so putting bud in the microwave for like 2 minutes makes it more potent?
  18. Coelho

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    It will increase the amount of THC... if the weed were indica, it will become somewhat sativa-like (as the effects of indica ones are caused mainly by CBD, which is partially transformed to THC), more mental, and less couchlock, and if the weed were sativa, it will become stronger. If the weed were already cured or dry, the increase of potency can be low (as all the THCA already was transformed to THC).
    Anyway, its always worth the try, cause the increase sometimes is great :stoned:
  19. shoi

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    aww i was hopeing id get to jump in and sound smart saying bigwords like carboxyl and palisade mesophyl layer
  20. ballllin

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    that's all u need to do?

    also, u grind it up first, right?

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