deer ate part of plant! need help

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by caligrown11, May 13, 2009.

  1. caligrown11

    caligrown11 Registered+

    a deer ate about 3 inches off the top of my plant and a couple of braches here and there. it is not growing at all anymore since the top got eaten it has been three days. will it grow the header back??
  2. caligrown11

    caligrown11 Registered+

    dear ate top of plant. neeed help

    a deer ate about 3 inches off the top of my plant and a couple of braches here and there. it is not growing at all anymore since the top got eaten it has been three days. will it grow the header back??
  3. david98686

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    It's still early in the season, fence it or protect it otherwise and it should grow back a lot faster than you could start a new one. I'd start another if possible for backup but it should be ok.. :)
  4. JD1stTimer

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    First off, put some hair or take a piss near your plant. Don't pee ON the plant, but maybe in a circle around it. If there is a hunting shop nearby you could try to get some cougar urine. Hopefully that will scare the deer away, or you could put up a fence, maybe an electric fence.

    As to your plant growing back, was it already well into flowering? I don't think it will start flowering until the autumnal equinox, so it's still in vegetative growth. This is a good thing, because you haven't necessarily lost much of your yield. What should happen is that the uppermost node will develop multiple branches, and you will have more than one cola. It may not be as much of a Donkey as you were hoping for, but they may equal a single cola in dry weight. It will probably start growing again really quickly, it may just be a little shocked at the moment. Stay cheerful! Keep it from happening again! :thumbsup:
  5. LOC NAR on probation

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    Eat the deer. They are low in fat and taste good too.
  6. DOUGAL25

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    Some nutritionists recommend a range on red meat consumption to 2-3x a month. Careful on over consumption of red meats, which increases risks for obesity and cardiovascular disease. Deficiencies can lead to nutritional anemia!

    Freeze the venison and regulate your intake for a healthier life style! :stoned:
  7. caligrown11

    caligrown11 Registered+

    ok thanks. its been three days and nothing has happened. there is no new sign of new leaves or branches. how long do you think it will take to grow back?
  8. LOC NAR on probation

    LOC NAR on probation Registered+

    Could be one to two weeks. Some plants can't take the stress. At least it's not dead. All you can do is wait unless you have a backup plan. Oh the only thing I have seen to keep them away is a big sack of dried corn. Put a pile of it about six feet away from plant and keep feeding them. They love apples and pears too.

    DOUGAL25, Thanks for the reminder. That's what my doctor tells me. I'm not a hunter but when it comes to this one has to go. When you go outside mother nature can throw you a curve ball.
  9. caligrown11

    caligrown11 Registered+

    is there anything i can do to speed it up the plant is already two months and a half months old and was growing great but now it has completely stopped. will this dramatically effect how much i will get off it?
  10. AssassinDJ

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    Sounds like mother nature topped your plant for ya :D

    Cannabis is usually a hardy plant, just build a fence around your crop, make sure no more damage happens, and your plant should make a full recovery, however it will more than likely, grow several new tops rather than the one main..
  11. tristan1986

    tristan1986 Registered+

    As above mentioned Natures helped you out deciding whether to top or not :thumbsup:

    As JD said cougar or other predator urine from a hunting shop will help you out big time!
  12. PurpleMeds

    PurpleMeds Registered+

    Your plants fine.....youve just been topped. Probly the best thing for the plant..

    you have months of veg growth dont even trip out on you will have a big Bush!!:thumbsup:
  13. tinytoon

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    shoot the deer!!! should be easy to find, its the one stumbling around bumping into things. Listen to what has already been said and relax, there is plenty of grow time left.
  14. dankbros

    dankbros Registered

    if fence isn,t option you could use fishing line triaglated around plant @ about 2ft 3ft 4ft 5ft. deer cant see it & brush up aginst it & take off A Gurilla tip from my guru Mr. X.
  15. JD1stTimer

    JD1stTimer Registered+

    I didn't know that about the fishing line! Very clever! Just like in a haunted house where it feels like spiders crawling on you. :) I don't understand putting corn on your property. That seems like it would attract deer to your site. :(

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