Dehumidifier water can you use it for anything?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Inspector420, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Inspector420

    Inspector420 Registered+

    Can the dehumidifier water be used for anything? Is it garbage water, whats in it?
  2. JackdaWack

    JackdaWack Registered+

    i wouldnt use it, if you have ever seen one of those cooling coils where the water drips, they can get kinda nasty with mildew and mold maybe. i would def say not to use it, i though about the same thing but then i looked at the dehumidifier and concluded it would be very bad to use.
  3. Inspector420

    Inspector420 Registered+

    Jack your like my personal helper :) Your always there for me bro. lol

    Ok well I just thought about it and figured no one would answer becuase it was a stupid question again lol

    thx for the reply
  4. babystarbud

    babystarbud Registered+

    i dont see any reason why you cant, a bit of googling reveals a lot of people use it for plants.
    however, wikipidea does say this...

    "Drinking the water
    Water collected from any dehumidifier is technically distilled water in that it does not contain minerals and other particulates that are removed in a true distillation process. However, a true distillation process condenses the steam of boiled water, and the boiling process kills any microbes and fungi that may be present in the pre-distilled water. Since the surface coils in a dehumidifier are not kept to food-grade cleanliness, microbes and fungi can (and probably do) exist in the collected water and it is therefore not considered safe to drink. In fact, as the water may sit for a while in the collection bucket, the water may be quite stale."

    i would at least filter it though
  5. crazywill

    crazywill Registered+

    just pour it on the lawn and outside plantes if you want.but dont use it on your bean garden.
  6. JackdaWack

    JackdaWack Registered+

    after reading that it makes me not want to use it even more, why bother with it, you could boil it, that might make it useable but what a pain in the ass. Stale water with fungi and microbes, ur not supposed to be feeding your babes that. Sounds like disease My water is out of a well with a pretty high ppm to start with and i have no problem with it, always clean. Inspector honestly im in love with your avatar.
  7. Inspector420

    Inspector420 Registered+

    Well it seems to me they would of intergrated a simple cleaning method, internal. Atleast get it to where yuo can use it for whatever you want. What a waste. When I get bored and baked sometime I will deffinatley do some test on the water :)

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