Dehydrator to dry buds? 2 questions

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by BayBoat, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. BayBoat

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    Im dying to cut a bud, dry it and see how its coming so far.

    Can you use a food dehydrator or will it get too hot? I know it wont be as "smooth". Im just looking for an idea on the type of buzz.
    Also, am 5-6 weeks into flowering...will I get any kind of a buzz or is it too early?
    I dont know the strain...generally speaking though.
    Here is a close up of the bud, a few brown tips on the hairs5%..mostly purple/white hairs 95%

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  2. brrg744

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    nice googled pic. U know how to grow great weed and lots of it but u dont know if 5 weeks is enough................. nice try tho
  3. BayBoat

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    NOT google....check out my other posts
    I KNOW its not done yet...just wondering if I would get anything.
    Im not experienced...just threw some seeds in a pot and watered (and fert)
  4. hydroponics420x5

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    if your going to do it take one of the smallest buds youve got. and you don't want to leave the bud in the dehydrater too long. 5-6 weeks will be pretty imature and will not contain enough potency to get an actual "high" more like a buzz with almost no physical feeling to it at all. after you dry it let it sit for about 30 minutes till your gonna smoke it so it can sweat the extra water out.(it prolly will not be completely dry if you do this right, if you completely dry it you will kill all the thc and it will give you an extremely harsh taste that will burn badly)

    i wouldn't recomend this in any way but i can see if your having problems trying to find some bud. its alwayz best to dry the buds slowly and then cure them for atleast a week before smoking.

    just cuz he doesn't know how to grow doesn't mean he didn't grow it that well. I know some1 that got a hold of the right seed and planted it outside in his yard and did absolutly nothing to the plant, it grew almost 6 foot tall and had large , extremely resinous buds. He knew nothing about growing anything, all he did was let mother nature take its course.

    also depending on if its indica or sativa or mixed it may take longer or shorter to mature and dry.

    sativa takes longer to mature and shorter to dry and cure, due to less dense bud structure

    indica matures quicker and is longer to dry and cure, due to dense bud structure

    just remember the denser the buds the longer to dry and remove all the leaves without trichs on them, i normally use those to make hash with later on. which i consider the best part of growing, if you want info on making hash just ask.

    hope some of this info helps even if you know some or most of it.

    keep em pretty :D
  5. Melton420

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    i dont know about the google thing ....looks legit top me ... but couldnt tell ya

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