Delaying Flowering In Outdoor Grows With Artificial Light

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Mooose, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Mooose

    Mooose Registered

    I got a late start this year and it's my first outdoor grow. I started in June with some clones that began flowering about a month ago, so started a few plants with seed, which are doing well.

    I had read in the Rosenthal grow book that you could delay flowering in an outdoor grow by exposing the plants to a few seconds of bright light every evening between 9pm-3am.

    Has anyone tried this? if I can delay flowering till late October, I should have a pretty decent crop. FYI, I'm a noob from SoCal.
  2. bobjob4u

    bobjob4u Registered+

    hum that sounds like to much work plus who wants to camp out evey night and babysit a plant like that. Just bring um inside.
  3. Mooose

    Mooose Registered

    My plants are in the ground and I don't have an indoor grow setup, that's why.
  4. JungleSuperstar

    JungleSuperstar Registered+

    alot of work and if u delay flowering til late october,
    they wnt end up being done til gone december,
    and you know in december theres a high chance of frost,
    u dnt want that shit to come kill ur crop,
    sorry i dnt u usually write my posts as a rhyme,
    but im just thinking of this shit cuz im high

  5. GoodstuffYeahs

    GoodstuffYeahs Registered+

    well you must be really high cuz the only things that rhyme are october and december but not very well lol
  6. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    I would bet they hermy up. I wouldnt do it man.

  7. lever2000

    lever2000 Registered+

    i agree with LetsSeeYa i think you would end up with a hermie just let it go you will get something out of it something is better than nothing right good luck
  8. JungleSuperstar

    JungleSuperstar Registered+

    shut up man u ovi dnt spit freestyle, or write chats, they dnt rhyme on paper, but they have similar word sounds that rhyme so its a rhyme, and how da fuk do october and decmeber not rhyme they both end in "ber"... iiiidyaat:jointsmile::stoned:
  9. Bataleon420

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    All I gotta say to you is good luck
    Hopefully your buds stay healthy as fuck
    Ya might as well go for the gold
    Maybe those flowers can be picked before too cold
    Otherwise you know, you gave it a chance
    Twist up a joint and do the "warm weather dance"
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