Delicious Candy aka Cheese Candy + Mystery Bagseed under 150w HPS + 206w LED Full Spectrum

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by Stoned Green Giant, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Stoned Green Giant

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    Hey all, I have a feminised Delicious Candy at 4 days old and a couple mystery bagseeds at day 15 going on right now.

    I am growing in a mix of some cheap Hyponex Potting Soil, Perlite,and a little bit of cheap seed starting mix, ratio is basically 3 parts medium to 1 part perlite.

    My grow area changes from day to day according to heat. On good days I have them in a closet that is pretty much 2.5x2.5x6 or something close to that. It's your average small as shit bedroom closet. When the heat gets to be to much(not due to my lights)because the ambient temps outside are reaching upwards of 100+ degrees....I take them down to my basement where it stays at an almost constant 78-82 degrees. I take them down there only so they wont sucuumb to heat related stress, but one might ask why not keep them down there ALWAYS....for one the humidity is really high down there. Thats good for youngins and veg,but not gonna be so good during flowering and I have 80%RH....

    I have very basic knowledge of gardening. Long time medicinal user but never have completed a grow. This would be my first if I can see it through. I am going to try as long as my health makes it possible. I will try to give timely updates and supply plenty of pictures. I mean who wants to read words, right??? WE WANT PICS!!!.....I welcome any member to comment in this log to offer any suggestions,advice,questions...or just want to give a shout out...Feel free!.....Grow On!
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  2. Weezard

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    Gotta hand it to ya, brah.
    100+ temps, RH north of 80%?
    You're going to work for this harvest.

    I have similar conditions here, lemme know if I can help.
    And E komo mai! (welcome)
  3. Wagonweed

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    When it's in your closet do you have any ventilation?

    That's s lot of work to be moving the plants up and down, specially if health is a concern.

    The plants may be under stress from such big temp and humidity changes daily. 100+ is hot but to have it then change suddenly can't be good for them. Maybe someone else can advise.

    What problems are you looking to tackle?
  4. Vladimir B.

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    No central A/C I take it? Have you thought about maybe cooling your closet? Could get a little portable A/C unit for not too big of an expense. And welcome by the way :)
    (I put a pic here because.... "who wants to read words, right??? WE WANT PICS!!!")---yes that was just a lighthearted joke. ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )
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    I Flicked the same plant yesterday into flower. She's a beauty. 7 weeks under 300w LED of Growth/Propagation, so she's a decent size now moved into a Tent that I use for early flowering this tents flight varies from 18/6 to 12/12. I also have a larger tent that is on 24-0 to 18-6. when its on 24 only I stick Auto's in on Grow schedule then when its on 18-6 I stick regulars or female seeds in to propagate. Sometimes when everything is running great I get 25% more yield just by sticking Auto's into a grow room that is half full. I buy cheap LED lights Mars 1's 300w lamps as they are so cheap you can literally just replace it after 3 grows and its cost $20 a grow for the lamp. These Mars 1's are great for 3/4 Grows 12 months but then the LED's fade. All LED's are the same. in a 4x4 Im using 2x300w, growing in a soil coco mix and feeding dutch pro or vitalink products.

    LEDNEWBIE Registered+

    I also stick a Toad in my grow tent. (make sure its got water and shade. No spidermite ever.)
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  7. Stoned Green Giant

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  8. DirtyBlueGene

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    They look great, bro. Hands in the air, worshipping the light, and a nice colour too. :thumbsup:

    EDIT: It looks great, I was thinking of the branches when I wrote they. :D
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  9. Stoned Green Giant

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    bs4 side comparision.jpg
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