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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by TheStrainMan, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. TheStrainMan

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    Hi there! Has anyone tried Delta9's Bruce Banner? Wow, it's some of the tastiest nugs in this State. Very impressed guys, very impressed.

    Regardless of the fact it kicked ass at the caregiver's cup late last year, it's excellent top (and I MEAN TOP!) quality herb, among my favorites. I can only imagine how good some of J's other strains are :jointsmile: Here is my take on the Bruce Banner #1, which will appear in the new Patient's Guide Colorado magazine later this month... click to enlarge the macro shot and really see the Hulk inside!!!

    The Strain Man's Quick Strain Review: Bruce Banner (Delta9)
  2. FarmerSteve

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    Great review. I wonder if the guys have the Banner #1 in right now? I've been wanting to try it for along time and I get my first day off in 2 weeks tomorrow.
  3. lampost

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    I think it's pretty hard to get... sells out pretty fast, but I think I read in the D9 thread that they're doubling production of it or something, so that'll be sweet. When I was in there the guy said to just call in and check every so often.

    I was lucky enough to see BB on the shelves on my first trip into D9 awhile ago. It was really good herb! It had a really unique taste that was definitely different from anything I've tried. That dude can really be proud of his creation!!

    Also, am I mistaken or did I see that some other dispenaries out there have Banner? No doubt it's probably the best from D9 though!! I probably wouldn't even bother with it from anywhere else.

    EDIT: I tried Banner #3. I thought that was the award-winning one...
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  4. Thanks for the kind words.... Delta9 is the only place to get Bruce Banner.. a few have tried to "fake it"..

    I will be releasing the clone on christmas 2010 for free to all..

    New projects :
    Purple Banner ( Deep purple x Banner #3)
    Cough Bannner (ft collins Cough x Banner #3)
    Triesel Banner (AnnaC Triesel x Banner #3)

    The Bruce Banner #1 did win the caregivers cup but the Bruce Banner #3 is way better...IMO

  5. Weekend

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    cough banner!!......I want a cut of that.....czn you explain why you did these crosses?....what traits are you looking for from the donor plants?
  6. TheStrainMan

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    Can't wait to try the Banner #3, as I've heard great things. I wish the shop was closer to me, but I just have to check your place out soon.

    The Triesel would blend in genetically well.
  7. ForgetClassC

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    I'm sorry to say it, but a lot of those strains(at least 5) did not look very finished at all. I saw a majority of clear tricomes with the scattered cloudy. Looks good and the strains are legit, just need to wait a bit longer IMO.

  8. StoneyJake

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    Ive tried to get my hands on some but havent been able to yet. Good to hear its the real deal though
  9. KindReviews

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    Tried the Banner #1

    I have tried Banner's #1, #3 and #5, hands down 3 is the best and I think #1 and #5 are tied. In my opinion any Banner is good and you won't be disappointed. Delta 9 has in my opinion the best quality for the best price to date.
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  10. Delta9Billy

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    A little bit o Banner in on March 1st.
  11. KindReviews

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    Count me in on that, is it #3?
  12. Sagemeister

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    Cough x Bruce Banner

    Ok guys, working hard on this project....and as some of you know, the entire thing was an accident, yet luckily, no hermies or male flowers have arrived.
    Anyway, at the flowering time of the Cough in which the seeds were found, the only other strain in the garden was BB#3...It had several male flowers, and weeks after harvest 3 seeds were found in some cough.
    Anyway, started all 3, with all 3 being female, and healthy, and was hoping for something with the vigor, yield, and haziness of the cough when it was healthy, and the flavor, and THC count of the Banner.
    In veg, 2 looked similar throughout, with one looking a little stockier,having more indica traits, and purple stems, regardless of what was done to them in terms of temperature or feeding...It was shwing mostly indica traits and the other two were showing pretty typical hybrid traits....just numbered them 1, 2, and 3.....with 3 being the Indica pheno (at the time).
    Vegged them really big, took cuts of all, without really even knowing whether we were gonna ever flower the seedlings....ended up being some extra space in the garden and they all were flipped.
    The #3 was flipped first....and the 1 and 2, 10 days later.
    With a slight bit of giving us a hard time at the onset of flowering, they all grew nice and bushy into the scrog...
    (got fed Age Old, with minimal supplementations of Liquid Karma, CalMag, Sucanat, and Hygrozyme....Lots...I repeat Lots of runoff with every feeding and every 3rd watering being just plain water....The supplements again are used in very small amounts and only as needed...typically, I stop all supplements 2 weeks before flush, and start flushing 14-21 days from harvest, depending on the strain)
    The #3 had indica traits the whole way through flowering....not stretching too much, giving lots of early resin production, and giving off different smells that seemed to represent mostly OG Kush, Sour D, and Some NL...No haze or "cough"-like traits whatsoever..As the buds started to mature really quickly, we realized it was gonna be an ultra-short strain, and to flush at day 35...Seemed crazy but we were right (shoulda actually done it earlier)....By day 48, 1/3 of the crystals were opaque and the calyxes were completely as closed as can be, and we decided to pick it.....that was a few days it dries and cures, the two strains that are really prevalent in it's smell and appearance are the NL#5 and the OG....The production was solid for a seed plant, not amazing, but the clone plant will really tell us the story...I have smoked some uncured pieces and it is incredibly potent (I am not a lightweight by any means) and lung expanding when smoked.....and very creamy/kushy tasting when vaporized, but this one really needs to cure....I would say the taste is right about 75% Northern lights, and 25% OG at this time....I'm normally not an Indica Lover, but I have a good feeling about this one.

    The #1 and #2 are still in flowering, and are leaning much closer to the cough than the #3....They have big colas as the cough does, the size of a forearm (or 2).....They are much more typical Scrog plants and are really just now starting to pack on the crystal...I'm thinking at least 65-75 days on both.... The #2 also has a diesel-type smell, but you can definitely smell the cough in kind of smells like chocolate in some way....But I'll know more in a week or two.....The #1 also has a similar smell to the cough at the same point in flower, but has a candyish, strawberry type smell as well.....again, gotta wait and see, and although I am so high (literally) on the #3 right now because it is done and has the impressive indica look, I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple weeks, I feel just as good if not better about the #1 and 2.

    Maybe some will show up in Delta9 soon....
  13. Look who came out of hiding!
    Def would hang on every word this man types folks.. Been my mentor for 10 years... and is soley responisible for several exclusive D9 gentetics

  14. DirtayeSanchez

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    so is #3 coming soon? It sounded like it was done.
  15. TheStrainMan

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    High there Sagemeister, warm welcome to the forum and thank you for this description... I think what we have here folks is the birth of a very interesting new strain. This is why I love Colorado, my friends, there's so many amazing genetics being worked (accidental or not) by those like our new friend here.

    The plant evolves with us. She serves us, and we in turn, serve her by spreading her seeds. We give her everything she needs, and she us. We grow together.

  16. KindReviews

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    Great timing, Jeremy was telling me the story about this, this afternoon.
  17. Ocotillo

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    I was not able to see the Incredible Hulk in the macro shot untill I really zoomed in, now you can see him:

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  18. KindReviews

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    I knew Lou Ferrigno was in there somewhere!!
  19. TheStrainMan

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    Whatever you do... DON'T MAKE HIM MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. KindReviews

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