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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by friendowl, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. friendowl

    friendowl Registered+

    i picked a nug from my plant thats
    60 days in flower.i let it dry a couple of days
    and the nug aint that solid.still kind of fluffy
    sticky and smells good but not a solid nug.
    i got 1000 hps and the nug was maybe about 15-18
    inches away from the light.
    will the buds got harder the longer they dry and cure
    or will they pretty much stay the same.
  2. greenmonster

    greenmonster Registered+

    hmmmmmm not sure, cant see how they would get more compact though. they certainly get loads smaller.... shame
  3. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    To get thick dense buds you need CO² as well as a host of boosters and nutrients at different times in the plants cycle. Light is only part of the formula if you want large thick buds. It's all about the environment and proper nutrientent at the proper time.

    How did you grow them out?
  4. karmaxul

    karmaxul Banned

    So basically feed them nasty chemicals that turn the flower into a solid mass with mutant degraded thc that will not get some people high. THC degrades into other biochemicals under stress. The chemical ferts cause stress and that is why the high (not to mention the flavor) is just not there. That is one of the reasons I do not smoke beasters. Even pure sativas grown with chemicals will just not get some people nearly as high as organic headies. They weigh more yes but the high that some people get is just not any comparison. If I was to pack a bowl of beasters sure I could take in 20 nasty rips of smoke as apposed to 5 rips off of a bowl of organic headies but I would rather take one hit of organically grown bud then all 20 of the chemical bowling ball some call nugs. I am not shitting on the beaster growers as it is definatly easyer to more around wieght if the bud weighs 10 times as much. Well yes I am that stuff is nasty. Man there is just no comparison at all between organics and chemically grown bud.

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  5. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    Respects to you but my almost 30 years of growing and enjoying a proper grow is hard to tell the difference if it's done right and flushed right. But Organic has its place for sure but I don't believe there is a difference in the quality of the THC. The chlorophyll yes but the chlorophyll does not get you high either. Many tests have been done over the past 20 years and mostly in the past 8 years more test have been done then before total. They all show little to no difference in the THC content but organic has it's own unique taste for sure.

    But if you use the proper nutrients at the proper cycle and keep the environment under perfect control you can have large dense buds with very high THC percent and you will not taste chemicals at all.

    Again it's all about doing it right in the first place.
  6. karmaxul

    karmaxul Banned

    Maybe my body is just not used to the chemicals and my headache is stronger then the high, but I do not get high off of beasters. Stoned sure smoking any chemical will get you stoned, but I want to get high not stoned. I have had flushed beasters plenty of times and sure they taste better but I just dont get high. When I say high I mean highly modivated, extra creative, and just have alot more fun doing anything. Just makes me appreciate life more. I just have never got to that level smoking chemically grown rock solid bud. I do not put any synthetics in my body at all. If I get sick I take olive leaf extract and thats about it. I do not eat meat either so maybe I am just more senitive to chemical effects but for me it is just not the same at all.

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  7. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    I grow organicly also but I don't make fun of ppl who use chem nutes.It's your desision. If you want to grrow with chem nuts, go ahead.Organic...good go for it.But Karmaxul your hard headedness is getting old.
  8. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    I must say you have made a point I did not consider and never have. I eat red meat and have enjoyed many poisons in my body over my many years. :dance: lol

    But you make a good point about being more sensitive. In truth most chemicals are just man made versions of the ones found in nature but they are still man made. We don't feed our plants anything that harms people or is even questionable to the environment on it's own. NPK is still NPK. Boosters are again nutrients found in nature but not in the level we use. It’s not found in the amounts with other nutrients as well.

    They say to each his own and I respect that. I just don't like it when one say's there way is better tasting and better quality. It gets personal with talk like that plus it’s impossible to prove except for the personal taste test and that never happens now does it?
  9. friendowl

    friendowl Registered+

    looks like i got lots and lots of learning to do.
    i am on my second indoor grow and their is
    so much too consider.[ph,ppm,temp,humidity,bugs,nutes,watering,security]
    people who grow bud are smart and obsessive/compulsive
  10. elcheapo

    elcheapo Registered+

    I think what you guys are trying to say is - As long as the plants are healthy and grown under optimum conditions, it really comes down to personal preference and what you are used to. I don't think it matters whether you grow in dirt with rotten fish or bat faecal matter, or in aerated water with purified man made chemicals.
  11. yz250

    yz250 Registered

    I dont mine sitting around pulling a long bowl with my freinds.I also like a good rip off a headie bowl,but Im a toker.I dont mine hitting a pipe or what ever a couple times.Im into the the whole process,getting the jar,breaking off a nug and then chilling for a while watching comdy central for an hour or so.
    So wait and looks might be what the people want But for me it doesnt have to be pretty enough to be on High Times but I like it to have a real good mixed high.
  12. friendowl

    friendowl Registered+

    whats a beaster
    whats a headie
  13. karmaxul

    karmaxul Banned

    beasters are hydro rock solid nugs which are fast to grow and very profitable

    headies are organic nugs which taste like flowers and have a incredible high

    The reason headies taste so good is the microorganic life found in the soil and rhizoshpere break down the nutrients differently then say a chemical operation and is what gives the flavor. For instance ammonium nitrogen is inusable to plants until the micro organisms break it down into nitrate. Synthetics do not have the same geometrys or balance as organic material which is why they are not made. For an example look at asprin. It was derived by the bayer company back in the late 1890 from white willow bark. White willow bark contains salentic acid (sp?) which has been used for centuries as a pain reliever and can be trace back to the days of arostotle. Bayer makes a simular product but it is not the same. Chemistry is simply not advanced enough to produce organic material because it has taken 4 billion years to evolve and well thats a bit longer then we have begun to learn about chemistry. Chemical fertilizers do not break down the same as organic and the plants did not evolve breaking them down. Over time with regards to genetics, for this reason, chemical fert even with the same NPK can not sustain life indefinatly. Genetics break down over time and generations with use of chemicals as the chemistry is not the same. Will they grow yes, sure they will. Do the chemicals created have half lives which last thousands of years, most definatly, for if they did not they would be radioactive. Synthetics simply do not decay into natural materials. On the earth there is the nitrogen cycle which recycles the nitrogen (N2 to(by bacteria) NH3 to(by bacteria) NO3 to(by bacteria) N2). There is the carbon cycle, the phosphurus cycle, and the sulfer cycle. These things are from the earth and return to the earth. There is not, to my knowledge, a synthetics cycle because bacteria can not break it down. Bacteria can not even live off of sythetics which is why you dont add it to mediums useing synthetic products. Bacteria are either prokaryotes or archaeas which are simple forms of life that back in the day we evolve from. The synthetics are not pure enough for them to live off of. Because the break down of organic nutrients from bacteria is what gives the flavor of headies it is simply not matchable by synthetic growing, nor do the synthetics return to organic forms magically which does pollute (some slower then other) are earth.

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  14. The Grim Reefer

    The Grim Reefer Registered+

    Makes sense to me.
  15. yz250

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    dam good read.Thanks.
  16. trojansrule

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    Yo Friendowl, gotta a couple questions for ya, can you hit me back on email at or on aim.
    Thanks bro

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