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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by sharpezor, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. sharpezor

    sharpezor Registered+

    Everybody describe being high.

    the best way for me to describe being high is you "think way to much" about everything. Things seem more funny because you spend a lot of time trying to "get it" also you can get the toasty feeling. its like all warm and relaxing.
  2. hipEstoner

    hipEstoner Registered+

    im not sure,, even though i am everyday
  3. Dystopia

    Dystopia Banned

    Does it really matter? Just smoke.
  4. a. beezy

    a. beezy Registered+

    Inspite of ur intentions, u perfectly described it right there.
  5. sharpezor

    sharpezor Registered+

    hahaha, he did.
  6. CocaCola

    CocaCola Banned

    I'll have a go...

    For me, anyways... it seems as though there is a flood gate in your head, left closed. When you smoke weed, the chemicals "activate" that gate and it opens; leaving you with a heightened sense of things. Or a bigger flow of information... and that causes all the stuff. BAM! I did it!
  7. maskedpantsman

    maskedpantsman Registered+

    man, I thought of the best description earlier today.
    I thought that it was like a big red button that says "random" on it (aka pipe, bong, blunt, joint, etc.) and when you press it, you feel/taste/hear/think random things.
    That, at least for me, is the highest high I can describe.
    The usual high, though, is like being in a movie, at least for me.
  8. a. beezy

    a. beezy Registered+

    It's like everything cancels out to equal zero.
  9. StraightAStOnEr

    StraightAStOnEr Registered

    i like the everything cancels out to equal zero that beezy said.. zero and more intense...whether its intensely funny or serious...high serious convos are funny as shit later...we record em...
  10. DuMpTrUcK

    DuMpTrUcK Registered+

    basically your framerates go sooo high that u get only patches of memories and live only in the moment, it spreads thru yer eyes then the rest of your body ( you feel this happening). it makes me happy. :D
  11. onestonedmotherfuck

    onestonedmotherfuck Registered

    It's like fucking your mother but better!
  12. homerj14

    homerj14 Registered+

    "The usual high, though, is like being in a movie, at least for me."

    wow.. thats exactly how I feel
  13. onwardthroughthefog

    onwardthroughthefog Registered+

    I always thought it felt like your mind and your body were separated. You see things with so much more open mindedness, you feel things so much with so much more sensitivity, and it kind of feels like you are an "out of body" observer of what is going on around you.

    One thing for's the most relaxed a person will ever feel. Unlike prescription drugs, which are much more dangerous, it just brings a wave of relaxation over you.

    I think it heightens your senses, while it lowers your inhibitions, making it much easier to laugh at things that might otherwise go unnoticed. And of course, it makes pretty much anything edible......

    For a lot of us, the most important thing is that it seems to block the feelings of pain that so many people suffer from, making life bearable and even enjoyable. Chronic pain is a real life changer. It dominates your life. And if you can find relief, it makes all the difference in the world.

  14. nickx760

    nickx760 Banned

    ....its fun
  15. LimpBizkitRMV04

    LimpBizkitRMV04 Registered+

    say you smoke with a few different people the exact same weight and size of you and you all smoke the same amount ... does it vary from person to person on how it actually effects you or does everyone basically feel the same
  16. hardon

    hardon Registered+

    personally i think it probly has *about* the same effects....i think its more of how the individual interprets their high.
  17. Pichacho

    Pichacho Registered+

    for me... its tough. i get this cool feeling in my chest, feels like ive always gotta be laughing. and i feel seperated from my body sometimes too.
  18. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Off of Marijuana, you'll always look back at yourself and what you've said or done, and it always has something to make you laugh, which leads to another thought (which makes you laugh), then leads you to associating all your funny memories to the original thought.
  19. Imaginary

    Imaginary Registered+

    Yea, for sure it opens my mind and makes me feel like im observing a lot more. When it feels like we're all doing different things at once, I tell my friends 'theres too many layers' Its funny, we all laugh. Depending on our mood, we'll laugh at everything, or start deep conversations about black holes and stuff like that. My best highs though, i sort of feel like im underwater, or the air is thick like jelly or something around me. I zone waaay out and feel all heavy and relaxed. Its hard to describe, but its completely awesome. :)
    man i need to replenish my broken stash. :(
  20. MullManiac

    MullManiac Registered+

    It's like taking a step foward and a step backwards at the same time!

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