Design your own bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by jakez, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. jakez

    jakez Banned

    Anyone know a site that lets you design your own bong and they make it for you?
  2. tokinballer

    tokinballer Registered+

    talk to a manager at your local headhop
  3. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Like tokinballer said, ask the manager at a headshop, or ask some local glass blowers about getting custom work.

    But be prepared to pay a ton of cash. Custom pieces do not come cheap. I got a custom glass spoon made a few years ago. It was a very small spoon, but it still cost me $45.

    But sadly, it broke last night. :( I don't mind though. I accidently broke the bowl hole and made it too big. I put it away and last night I was cleaning some lint that got in the carb hole. Then that broke a huge chunk, si I tossed it. :p
  4. wadejason

    wadejason Registered+

    i know a guy in town who owns his own shop that fires his own work and ive asked him about maybe doing some custom work and their right, because it takes more effort to put in to a nice worked piece than just some generic shitty glass you will have to pay a lot more. but if anyone has any custom shit theyve had done id love to see it.
  5. Professor Dan K.

    Professor Dan K. Registered+

    yea me too ^^

    post your custom peices if you have'em

    would be sweet if there was a website that let you make your own peices and see what they look like... spoons, hammers, bongs bubs etc
  6. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    I also would love to see some custom glass work :jointsmile:
  7. SmokeyToker

    SmokeyToker Registered+

    my friend is getting a custom made pipe with her name in it. its costing her 165$
  8. Knucklecallus420

    Knucklecallus420 Registered+

    haha heres my bong design:

    click on the thing, i wrote stuff on it

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  9. jakez

    jakez Banned

    lol I just want to have someone design bongs I've seen before but can't find anywhere to buy like zong's and stuff.
  10. miraz

    miraz Registered+

    LOL nice kalus but how do you light it.... or does it light from the top??
  11. EmoRebellion

    EmoRebellion Registered+

    It looks like a cock and balls.
  12. xmordeciax

    xmordeciax Registered+

    lol maddd 2 year old and shit
  13. vitaloverdose

    vitaloverdose Registered

    Designing ya own bong isn't always as easy as ya might think i designed a bong system that uses baby bottles one time (plastic >.< yack,nasty). The idea was you took the cap off the baby bottle and glued it onto the bottom that wayyou could stack as many 'chambers' on top of each other as you liked. Each baby bottle had 3 bendy tubes fed in though the bottles just bellow the neck of the bottles that ended up in the water. This seemed to work fine for 2 bottles but when i made one that was 4 chambers high lol.The downpipe was in the bottom chamber which fed to the 2nd down , then the 2nd from the bottom and finaly into the top chamber. It took a huge length of pipes to connect it all up and looked pretty cool with them all twisted round the outside. Strange things started to happen. Water would start to flow up the pipes the wrong way o_O or a higher chamber would slowly suck all the water from a lower chamber. This was a real pain in the ass because of all the dam tube ya had to keep unhooking to set the water right again. I gave up in the end and made a self lighting bong instead .lol
  14. rg420

    rg420 Registered+

    ^^^ Pictures of said self lighting bong?
  15. orange floyd

    orange floyd Registered+

    lmfao thats great
  16. Knucklecallus420

    Knucklecallus420 Registered+

    hahaha that took me 30 minutes
    you light it with the xray vision you get when you buy it
  17. vitaloverdose

    vitaloverdose Registered

    No pics of the bong ill give you a rough idea of how it was done. We used the bottom of an old bowling trophy and just taped it onto the bottom of a bong.
    Then i got 3 gas stove lighters from the local $1 shop (the ones with the long necks). When ya dismantle these you have and electric sparky thing (technical attached to two wires and a nice bendy tube for the gas. I had a lighter that used to light when its cap was open (works the opposite way from most lighters) so that was glued into place either upside down inside the trophy. The we drilled a hole through the bottom and glued a bit of plastic on the plunger of the lighter and poked it through the hole. Then using a hot glue gun we made a bendy pipe coming off the lighter that split into 3 ends. The we dismantled a few more lighters for their outlet nozzles which was stuffed into the end of each bendy pipe. Then we used 3 socket set heads (tiny ones) to put over the end of the pipes to protect the nozzles from getting to hot. The 3 socket-ed ends were then taped around the head of the bong. Then we stuffed some batteries in the bottom connected to the electronic sparky thing which was connected to on of the socketed heads (ya only need to light 1 for them all to catch). Then this was connected to a reverse micro switch (not all that easy to which was attached to the inside bottom of the trophy (with a bit sticking out the bottom so that when it was down it was off). And to finish it off we demolished some kids toy space ship for its flashy lights and sound Fx as we still had a micro switch left over they went around the outside of the bong which was then covered in holograph laser tape .
    Unfortunately the police destroyed it when i got busted.:( they say

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