Desperate! The vet has told us she has to be put down latest a week from now!

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Mamabear, Jan 10, 2017.

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    I noticed my family dog who is 13 years old has a big swelling on the left side of her mouth as well as 2 more growths on her neck. I alerted my mother who took her into the vet Jan 3. My mother came back in tears saying it's cancerous and there's nothing they can do. We have made the oil but I need to know what dose to give. The vet has requested her in a week to have her put down please someone give me some help and guidance I'm devastated :( her name is Jessy she's a jack Russell rescue dog. Thank you in advance.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that. Just start on a very low dose and slowly work your way up until she seems comfortable. Dogs need far less THC than humans do, and unlike humans, dogs have a toxic limit that's not all that high. It's fairly easy for a dog to overdose on THC (I've seen it when a friends dog ate a oz bag they left on the coffee table & we spent the night st the vet and the poor jack Russell was fighting for his life). Because of that I wouldn't normally recommend thc oil for a dog, but in Jessy's case your just going to ease her final moments. From what you have said, unfortunately she doesn't have long left and while THC & CBD oil have both proven extraordinary medicines & have miraculous effects on people's lives, they can't provide miracles like that. (I know that's contradictory, but I hope you know what I mean). Relish what time you have left with her and remember that she is going to a better place. I know how hard this must be..
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    Thank you for your response. I'm really trying to have hope that the oil may shrunk her tumors? She is such a fighter and still is. Her appetite is still going strong and she doesn't seem like she is in pain. Is it not possible for the tumors to shrink?
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    I don't know about treating the dog, unfortunately. But we lost a dog at 13 years old to cancer.
    Best of luck with the oil treatment.
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    I can offer some hope.
    My 10 year old, 80 pound, MonGrel, who is coincidentally, named Jessy. Was a very sick dog just 2 months ago.
    Lost a quarter of her weight and presented multiple tumors. A large abdominal mass, baseball sized, 5 soft tumors in the lymph nodes, and 4, large, (vanilla wafer), sized mammary tumors that cracked and bled.
    They appeared and grew quite rapidly.
    Prognosis was grim.
    Gave her ~50mg., 4.5mm. diameter blob of oil on a treat, twice a day.
    Turned out to be too much for a 60 pound, very ill, dog. She stopped eating completely and wobbled when she walked.
    We cut that dosage in half.
    Just a dot on a chicken strip, and her appetite returned, her eyes cleared, her gums regained color, and the tumors began to shrink. Quite rapidly!
    The mammary tumors first, 3 out of 4 are gone and the last still has an enlarged nipple that is shrinking, albeit more slowly now..
    The abdominal mass is about half it's original size, but there still are what feels like fluid filled cysts under her front leg.
    She is the sweetest dog I've ever known and it looks like she has a few more years with us now.
    RSO is not a miracle, but it's the next best thing. :)
    I'm still above ground thanks to it. :)

    There is a "Dogs and cancer thread here with all the information you need.

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    Thank you
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  9. Weezard

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    I would, but no more than the intended oral dose. at least 8 hours between applications.
    The early information in that thread can be disregarded, we learned that some of it was invalid.
    With more experimentation and information we have changed our position on proper oil dosage, and on the uses of Prednisone.
    What can I say? We live and learn.
    All the information you need to calculate dosage is contained in the thread, but there are many variables so it's best to underestimate and then slowly increase the dosage until you begin to see the, um, side effects.
    Panting, wobbly gait, etc.
    The dog does not need to be "stoned" for this to trigger remission.
    Then back off, just a tad and hold that dosage for a week or two, you should see improvement by then.
    Our dog was very fast to respond. :)

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    just stumbled upon this post, so sorry about your dog. I have 5 dogs my self wouldn't know what i would do without them. My thoughts are with you
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    That dog's not dead yet.
    Give this a few days.
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    I hope he be ok ill be thinking off him every day an saying that from all my heart xx
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    This post seems like spam, considering it appeared on numerous threads yesterday and, often, is irrelevant to the thread topic. It also seems like a barely veiled marketing technique.

    I'm sorry to hear about your dog. Please keep us up to date.
  14. Weezard

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    It was scam spam but Monterey bud cleaned it up.
    Mahalo M. B.

    It's been 14 days now, Is your Jessy improving?

    Mine is doing very well, the abdominal mass has shrunk to the extent that I can no longer feel it!
    It was the size of a baseball and rock hard.
    And now the cyst like sacks in her armpits are finally shrinking as well.
    Mammary tumors still gone and a sparkle in her eye.

    I'll go check the Dogs and Cancer thread looking for good news.

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    Weezard - my 13 year old lab (70lbs) has a STS (nerve sheath) on his right front paw. Been through a removal (grew back) and palliative radiation (grew back). I had him on RSO before radiation but took him off because it was all a lot for him. His tumor hit a critical size about 2 months ago so have been giving 1:1 RSO (FECO actually) from a Mendicino grower my vet recommended. He is 25 days in at about 2 grains of rice two time s a day and rubbing it (2-3 grains 2x/day) diluted with almond oil directly on the tumor which is just sub q and very large (1/2 baseball). 3 days ago he stopped wanting to put weight on it so he won't stand without assistance and barely limps. It was sudden. His attitude is down - he is eating, but picky and wants to be hand fed. My question is multi-fold: 1. Apoptosis - could apoptosis from the cell death be causing acute swelling that is pressing on (nerves... whatever). If so, how does that work? How long does it last? what do I do? 2. I don't want to stop treatment - how would you proceed? He is on methyl-pred (4mg two times a day) and he is taking pain meds (Gabapentin 300mg 2x day and Tramadol 50mg 3x day) - the meds are sedative - I'm concerned with dosing and not making him sick or dizzy. The FECO strain is INDICA, but it can activate him before it sedates him. Any advice is so very appreciated.

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